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Educational benefits to using a wiki space in the classroom

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Wiki spaces.powerpoint6.2012

  1. 1. Wiki SpacesIncreasing student achievement in the classroom.Created by: Janelle McIntoshEDU 707 CMUJune 2012
  2. 2. Wiki Spaces Development Launched in March 2005 James Byers and Adam Frey are co-founders Based out of San Francisco, California 920,000 registered members in the year 2008 2.2 million registered members in the year 2009 Also known as “Wiki Farm” Wiki is Hawaiian for quick
  3. 3. Wiki Spaces used for teacherprofessional development Presenter and participants are not restricted to a specific time and place Staff members can gather knowledge on a specific content as they contribute to the wiki workspace Teachers can collaborate in creating lesson plans, thematic units, lists for web resources, and classroom management ideas
  4. 4. Positives and Negatives of WikiSpaces Negatives Positives Won’t work without a  No specialized software stable internet needed connection  Can incorporate multiple forms of media such as Multiple authors un- glogster and youtube doing others work  Reduces the “slacker Time management issue mentality” because with students waiting students can easily be until the last minute to graded for their participation participate  Ability to connect from Students can’t use the anywhere using the wiki simultaneously internet
  5. 5. Teacher responsibilities forEffective Wiki Spaces Provide educational setting with conflicts that learners can solve Concentrate on knowledge building instead of factual knowledge Allow students to fill in the gaps when it comes to wiki spaces postings Promote a safe on-line learning environment free of bullying and cheating, but with accountability and teamwork
  6. 6. Wiki Spaces as a student learningtool Students may plan details for a field trip Students can manage an Earth day project Students can plan a personal vacation using website links Students can create stories using the writing process Students can share information from gathering resources from their research
  7. 7. Surveys for Wiki Spaces Teacher Reactions Student Reactions “Students who usually get lower grades are now participating.” –Mrs.  Students are proud of Gardigean the research they find “A Glorified whiteboard.” - Amy Standen  “We can enhance each “Wikis works best when other’s content.” you trust your audience.”- Amy Standen  Students recommend “Wikis don’t go away, wiki to their other students can go back and teachers refresh their mind.” –Amy Standen
  8. 8. Classroom Activities from WikiSpaces Group Grading Reading List Student feedback for Teacher Summer Assignments History Lessons Teaching Manners Online
  9. 9. Examples of Website Wiki Spaces Original Free website, good place to start, easy to build webpages Peanut Butter Wiki, free, more private High school online collaborative writing, free software for students to create writing projects K-12 educational community science wiki space created by Janelle McIntosh
  10. 10. Works Cited The Complete Guide to Wikis by T. Brian Chatfield Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other powerful tools for classrooms by Will Richardson “Using Wikis for learning and knowledge building: Results of an Experimental Study” by Joachim Kimmerle Edcuational Technology & Society, 14 (4), 138-148 “Teaching note Writing with wikis: A cautionary tale of technology in the classroom.” by Debra E. Allwardt. Journal of social work education vol. 47, No. 3 (fall 2011) “Using Wikis to Deliver Professional Development” by Jessie F. Aranda. Distance Learning volume 8, Issue 2 “The failed Case of the Winston Society Wikispace: The challenges and oppurtunities of web 2.0 and teacher education.” by Jory Brass. Contempoarary Issues in Technology and Teacher education, 11(2)
  11. 11. About the AuthorMy name is Janelle McIntosh. In the fall, itwill be my seventh year teaching in earlychild education. My goal is to increasetechnology use in urban school systems. Ihave a husband and 2 daughters.Currently, I’m 9 months pregnant andexpecting another daughter by the end ofJune.