Typography of Apple Inc.


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Typography of Apple Inc.

  1. 1. Typography of Apple Inc.From Candlestickprofits.comTypography of Apple Inc.Corporate fonts and brand identity br For at least 18 years Apple s corporate font was a customvariant of the ITC Garamond typeface called Apple Garamond It was used alongside the Applelogo for product names on computers in countless ads printed materials and on the companywebsiteSince 2001 Apple has gradually shifted towards using Myriad in its marketing br Motter Tekturabr Prior to the first Macintosh Apple used a typeface called Motter Tektura alongside the Applelogo which was designed in Austria by Othmar Motter of Vorarlberger Graphik in 1975 anddistributed by Letraset At the time the typeface was considered new and modern Onemodification to the typeface was that the dot over the i was removedThe lowercase s was also modified for the label on the Disk II 5 25 inch floppy disk drive brAccording to the logo designer Ryan Smith the typeface was selected for its playful qualitiesand techno look in line with Apple s mission statement of making high technology accessible toanyone Janoff designed the logo in 1976 while working with Palo Alto marketer Regis McKennaThe Apple logo bite mark was originally designed to fit snugly with the Motter Tektura a br In theearly 1980s the logo was simplified by removing computer nc from the logo Motter Tektura wasalso used for the Apple II logo This typeface has sometimes been mislabeled as Cupertino asimilar bitmap font probably created to mimic Motter Tektura br Apple Garamond brUpon the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984 Apple adopted a new corporate font calledApple Garamond It was a narrow variation of the classic Garamond typeface Specifically ITCGaramond created by Tony Stan in 1977 was condensed to 80 of its normal width PresumablyApple felt that the existing ITC Garamond Condensed at 64 was too narrow Bitstreamcondensed the font and subtly adjusted the stroke widths and performed the hinting required tocreate a PostScript font that was then delivered to Apple as apgaram br Apple Garamond wasused in most of Apple s marketing br In cases when the Apple logo was accompanied by text itwas always set in Apple Garamond Aside from the company name most of Apple s advertisingand marketing slogans such as Think different used the font as well br This typeface wasvirtually synonymous with Apple for almost two decades and formed a large part of Apple sexcellent brand recognition It was not only used in conjunction with the logo but also in manualsads and to label products with model names Even today the association continues falsifiedimages of rumored new Apple products and spoof advertisements often use it despite the factthat it is no longer used br Apple has kept the true Apple Garamond font to itself but ITC brieflysold ITC Garamond Narrowpple Garamond without the custom hintings part of its Apple FontPack in the 1990s A version of the font was also included hidden away under a different namein some versions of Mac OS X prior to 10 3 since it was used by the Setup Assistant installationprogram See List of fonts in Mac OS X for more information on how the font can be extracted brMyriad br Adobe s Myriad is the typeface that is used in Apple s modern marketing br In 2002 1/4
  2. 2. Apple gradually started using a variant of the Adobe Myriad font family in its marketing andpackaging As new revisions of its products were released the text changed from the serif AppleGaramond to the sans serif Myriad Apple The family s bolds are used for headlines and otherweights are also used accordinglyThe Myriad font family was designed by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly for Adobe Adobes most recent version of Myriad is Myriad Pro which has some additional enhancements andcharacter set extensions but is not significantly changed in design Myriad Apple a modificationproduced by Galpagos Design Group incorporates minor spacing and weight differences fromthe standard varieties and includes Apple specific characters such as the company logo In 2006Myriad Apple was superseded by Myriad Set which contains extra ligatures and other minorchanges While Myriad Set is for most titles and eye catching slogans some text is set inHelvetica Neue br Although originally promoted as Myriad the 5th generation iPod and iPodnano feature a bitmap font known as Podium Sans which is missing Myriad s trademarkfeatures such as the splayed M and distinctive y The most recent iPods and the iPhone useHelvetica as their UI font br Other fonts used in Apple s marketing br Apple s first logo drawn byRonald Wayne br Prior to adopting the bitten Apple as its logo Apple used a complex logofeaturing Isaac Newton sitting below an apple tree The words APPLE COMPUTER CO weredrawn on a ribbon banner ornamenting the picture frame The frame itself held a quotation fromWordsworth Newton A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought Alone Thelogo was hand drawn and thus did not use an established font However the type is similar toCaslon with some idiosyncratic details such as an R deviating from the general style br In themarketing of the Newton PDA Apple chose to use Gill Sans instead of the regular AppleGaramond Gill Sans Regular was used in the logo for the model name on the computer thekeyboard and in advertisement materials though it was not used as a screen font except for aspart of the Newton logo Gill Sans was originally designed by Eric Gill around 192729 for theMonotype Corporation br Keyboards br Six keys from a pre 2003 PowerBook G4 br Univers wasfirst used as the keyboard font of the Apple IIc br Apple s keyboards have long been labeledwith Univers 57 Condensed Oblique a design choice by Apple s industrial design partner FrogDesign This began in 1984 with the Apple IIc the tilt of whose front panel buttons matched theinclination of the lettering br Univers was eventually replaced on Apple s keyboards by VAGRounded which has been used on all iBook models 2003 and later PowerBooks MacBooksMacBook Pros and Apple Keyboards since August 2007 VAG stands for VolkswagenwerkAktiengesellschaft citation needed and the font was developed by Sedley Place Ltd for Germancar manufacturer Volkswagen and was used in much of their marketing materials Volkswagen smodification of a classical typeface is similar to Apple s modification of Garamond to create acorporate typeface that is both universal and proprietary br Fonts used in other products brApple s earliest computers had extremely limited graphical capabilities and could originally onlydisplay uppercase ASCII using a set bitmap font The IIc and Enhanced Apple IIe supported 40or 80 columns of text and an extended character set called MouseText It was used to simulatesimple graphical user interfaces similar to the use of ANSI X3 64 The latter versions of AppleIIGS system software and Finder used very rectangular pixels 640×200 thus requiring a stout 8pt bitmap font called Shaston 8 as the system font menus window titles and so on Shaston wasdescribed in Apple IIGS technote 41 as a modified Helvetica but the similarities are not strikingThe fonts of the original Macintosh were also available for the GS br In 1993 Apple s HumanInterface Group designed the typeface Espy Sans specifically for on screen use It was first used 2/4
  3. 3. for the Newton OS GUI and later integrated into Apple s ill fated eWorld online service TheNewton used the font Apple Casual to display text entered using the Rosetta handwritingrecognition engine in the Newton The same font found its way into the Rosetta derived writingrecognition system in Mac OS Xnkwell The TrueType font can be made available to anyapplication by copying the font file which is embedded in a system component to any font folderSee List of fonts in Mac OS X for more information The Newton logo featured the Gill Sanstypeface which was also used for the Newton keyboard br Apple s eWorld also used the largerbold condensed bitmap font eWorld Tight for headlines The metrics of eWorld Tight were basedon Helvetica Ultra Compressed br Lucida Grande is the standard font used in Mac OS X userinterface elements such a menus dialog boxes and other widgets br When released in 2001Apple s iPod music player reused the bitmap Chicago font from the original Macintosh GUILater versions of the iPod drew from the larger character repertoire of the TrueType Chicagoadding a number of characters not present in the bitmap Chicago such as Greek and CyrillicEven though the screen supports grayscale the characters were not anti aliased citation neededbr The iPod mini uses the typeface originally designed for the Newton Espy Sans In the fourthgeneration color iPod formerly iPod Photo Podium Sans had displaced Chicago as the userinterface font On newer models such as the 3G iPod nano iPod classic and iPod touch PodiumSans has been replaced with Helvetica Neue Bold the same typeface used throughout theiPhone user interface br See also br List of Apple typefaces br Fonts on the Mac br List of fontsin Mac OS X br References br Apple Computer br Fonts on Mac OS X Retrieved 2004 09 25 brJanuary 29 2003 Using and Managing Fonts in Mac OS X PDF Retrieved 2004 10 01 brOctober 8 2003 Fonts in Mac OS X PDF Retrieved 2004 10 04 br Font Support in the Mac OSRetrieved 2004 10 01 br November 11 2002 LastResort Font Retrieved 2004 10 03 br June 102004 Sharing Fonts Between Mac OS X and Classic Retrieved 2004 10 22 br September 142000 The Zapf table Retrieved 2004 10 22 br 1996 07 06 Inside Macintosh Text Built in ScriptSupport IM Tx Retrieved 2004 10 27 br November 1990 Apple II GS TN 41 Font FamilyNumbers Retrieved 2004 10 28 br December 19 2002 ROMAN TXT MacRoman to Unicodemap Retrieved 2004 11 09 br Jaques Moury Beauchap Rob Janoff Graphic Designer Author ofthe first logo for Apple Computer Retrieved 2004 10 28 br Michael Everson 2003 11 11Multilingual Macintosh Support Retrieved 2004 10 27 br Erfert Fenton October 1994 InsideQuickDraw GX Fonts MacWorld 1997 archived version retrieved 2004 11 01 br FreeTypeFreetype and Patents Retrieved 2004 10 29 br Nobumi Iyanaga 2000 09 26 Unicode and MacOS and Code converters Retrieved 2004 10 27 br Tony Kavadias 2004 07 24 Apple II UserInterfaces Retrieved 2004 10 28 br Steve Gibson 2003 04 10 The Origins of Sub Pixel FontRendering Retrieved 2004 10 27 br Jens Hofman Hansen July 2 2002 Apple logoets historieRetrieved 2004 09 22 br Susan Kare World Class Cities Retrieved 2004 09 25 br John Kheyt2003 05 23 The Devil s Advocate MS s ClearType KOs Apple s Quartz In The LightweightDivision Retrieved 2004 10 27 br Microsoft 2003 03 12 Press release Microsoft AnnouncesExpanded Access To Extensive Intellectual Property Portfolio Retrieved 2004 10 27 brJonathan Ploudre June 1 2000 Macintosh System Fonts Retrieved 2004 09 21 br Ed Tracy1998 10 15 Apple and the History of Personal Computer Design Retrieved 2004 10 27 brNorman Walsh August 14 1996 comp fonts FAQ Macintosh Info Retrieved 2004 09 21 br XvsXPXvsXP com Fonts Retrieved 2004 10 27 br External links br Advanced Typography with MacOS X Tiger br Text amp Fonts Apple s typography developer site br TrueType ReferenceManual br LastResort Font br Full LastResort glyph table br LastResort glyphs 236 pages PDF5 pages PDF br Unicode fonts for Mac OS X computers Survey of Unicode fonts included with 3/4
  4. 4. Mac OS X and Microsoft Office 2004 br Microsoft s ClearType web site br Fondu program to convert and separate Mac OS X dfont data fork files to TrueType OpenType Type 1 and Glyph Bitmap parts br v 160 160 d 160 160 e br Apple Inc br Board of directors br Bill Campbell 160 Millard Drexler 160 Al Gore 160 Steve Jobs 160 Andrea Jung 160 Arthur D Levinson 160 Jerry York br Hardware products br Apple TV 160 iPad 160 iPhone 160 iPod Classic Mini Nano Shuffle Touch 160 Mac iMac MacBook Air MacBook Pro Mini Pro Xserve 160 Former products br Accessories br AirPort 160 Cinema Display 160 iPod accessories 160 Apple Mouse 160 Magic Mouse 160 Apple Keyboard 160 Time Capsule br Software products br Aperture 160 Bento 160 FileMaker Pro 160 Final Cut Studio 160 Garageband 160 iLife 160 iPhone OS 160 iTunes 160 iWork 160 Logic Studio 160 Mac OS X Server 160 QuickTime 160 Safari 160 Xsan br Stores and services br ADC 160 AppleCare 160 Apple Specialist 160 Apple Store 160 online 160 App Store 160 Certifications 160 Genius Bar 160 iTunes Store 160 iWork com 160 MobileMe 160 One to One 160 ProCare br Executives br Steve Jobs 160 Tim Cook 160 Peter Oppenheimer 160 Phil Schiller 160 Jonathan Ive 160 Mark Papermaster 160 Ron Johnson 160 Sina Tamaddon 160 Bertrand Serlet 160 Scott Forstall br Acquisitions br Emagic 160 FingerWorks 160 Lala 160 NeXT 160 Nothing Real 160 P A Semi 160 Silicon Color 160 Spruce Technologies br Related br Advertising 1984 Get a Mac iPods Slogans 160 Braeburn Capital 160 FileMaker Inc 160 History Criticism Discontinued products Litigation Typography 160 Portal br Annual revenue US 42 91 billion 32 1 FY 2009 160 Employees 34 300 160 Stock symbol NASDAQ 160 AAPL LSE 160 ACP FWB 160 APC 160 Web site www apple com br Categories Apple Inc Digital typography Apple Inc typefacesHidden categories Articles lacking in text citations from April 2009 All articles lacking in text citations Articles containing German language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January 2010 Articles with unsourced statements from August 2007 Tags: Apple, Stock Trading, Typography See More: Typography of Apple Inc. 4/4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)