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TnT Live Forex BnB Crossover System                                   Candlestick Chart Profits Training Series           ...
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TnT Live Forex BnB Crossover System


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TnT Live Forex BnB Crossover System

  1. 1. TnT Live Forex BnB Crossover System Candlestick Chart Profits Training Series PLATFORM Track n Trade Live Forex by Gecko Software PREFERRED PAIR AND TIMEFRAME EURUSD 15 minute INDICATOR SETTINGS BNB Traditional, 1 Sensitivity, Inside Days, Higher Highs/Lower Lows ATR Stop, 20 Period, 3.0 Stop Factor Moving Averages, 200 SMA, 55 SMA MACD, 55, 200, No trigger MACD, 12, 26, No trigger Heiken-Ashi candlesticks OPTIONAL Donchian Channels (34 or 55) PSAR (for stop loss) Williams Accumulation Distribution TIMEFRAME – 10 or 15 Minute (switch between the two for better analysis and awareness) – 30 also helpful and may provide similar results, but it will lag more RULES 1. After the MA Crossover signal, wait for BNB signal in same direction 2. MACDs must confirm 3. Price above/below 55 MA So ideally the confirming indicators needed are an MA Crossover, BNB signal, MACD ENTRY – In most cases, set pending order entry at middle of first BNB candle – Consider entering with 2 orders for high probability trades, one for take profit, the other for longer-term carry. DURING/AFTER BIG BREAKOUT/SPIKE If move that triggers BNB signal meets criteria but is a large spike, wait for significant pullback or settling then trade as normal. FAKEOUTS When looking at the 10 Minute chart, switching to the 15 minute chart should help identify the strength/weakness of signals on the 10 Minute. STOP LOSS – Initially 20 pip. 10-15 if low probability, 30 if more comfortable. – Trailing by Blue Light, PSAR or ATR Stop TAKE PROFIT – At least 1:1.5+ risk reward. – Whatever you’re … Tags: Candlestick Charts, Crossover, Forex, live, system Read More: 1/1Powered by TCPDF (