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Friday the 13th Closing Price is KEY


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Friday the 13th Closing Price is KEY

  1. 1. Friday the 13th Closing Price is KEY Candlestick Chart Profits Training Series Happy Friday the 13th Being Friday and the most powerful data point on the charts for investors (weekly candlestick closing price) today’s price action at the close will be crucial for what happens next week. Many of you are asking me the same questions about how the service works and how to login etc… Here is a 4 minute video that walks you through just that and will save everyone time. How To Use TVP Video: MOBILE VERSION How TO USE TVP VIDEO: You can retrieve your login details here if you do not remember them: Pre-Market Analysis Points: – Dollar still in bullish formation and looking ready to run higher again today. – Oil and nat gas still base building – Gold and silver still in down trend and trading at short term resistance but up 1% this morning. – Bonds continue to grind their way higher to our upper target at shown in the video. – SP500 bounced yesterday afternoon from support and because it was extremely oversold. It has consolidated through the night and tested short term resistance and just may be ready for another sell off today. Chris Vermeulen – Video Rating: 0 / 5 Tags: 13th, Candlestick Charts, Closing, FRIDAY, Price Read More: 1/1Powered by TCPDF (