Self care for Coaches                                                     Why bother… and how to begin                    ...
client with healthcare practitioner,       How much do you actually                   • Being open to using the physical b...
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Coaching Conversations Autumn 2011 Self Care Article


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self care for coaching tips

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Coaching Conversations Autumn 2011 Self Care Article

  1. 1. Self care for Coaches Why bother… and how to begin by Jane Keep Jane works as a coach and practitioner on the processes of Jane Keep organisational and personal change. Ponder on this… And if you aren’t yet convinced then yourself matters very much... take a look at the current workforce The true delivery of productivity, absence and sickness service begins first by delivering that same statistics. For example... “180 MILLION service to self in every way, In every case, whether obesity, EMPLOYEE SICK and to the others (e.g. clients diabetes, HIV, cancer or heart and colleagues) by the same disease, the incidence of all of these DAYS LAST manner, that are within the illnesses is on the rise, and although organisation/team, before any life expectancy has risen (due to the YEAR” organisation can truly serve. amount of pharmaceuticals and high (CBI survey 2010) technology medical and surgical Serge Benhayon solutions now available), illness and Universal Medicine 2006 disease is a worsening problem, not If we aren’t taking care of ourselves, just in our lives, but in our working Also, take a look at the global health and if in that we are not serving lives. statistics for example ourselves (with self care, self We know that: ‘Coaching is one of kindness, tenderness and gentleness the fastest growing professions…’ to ourselves), then how can we (Bresser & Wilson 2007) "ACCORDING TO THE provide services to others who most WORLD HEALTH often are in need of that exact same So... ORGANISATION, THE support – to learn from us for If coaching is offering services to NUMBER OF PEOPLE themselves. If we are an organisation or team equally who aren’t taking support those in organisations who DYING IN THE WORLD may be stressed, stuck, challenged, FROM CANCER COULD care of ourselves, our team, or our overwhelmed, tired, unproductive, organisation how can we serve DOUBLE BY 2030 AND recovering from illness... others? REACH 13 MILLION." much of an inspirational role Is it not key to going forward, to model can a coach offer if they resilience and steadiness to serve themselves aren’t the embodiment Curious? Then let’s further ourselves in a way that supports and of self care, clarity, true physical and nourishes ourselves, teams and physiological vitality, and a sense of consider… organisations? So that then and only steadiness and consistency? For example, then, can we provide true services for others. So the ‘why bother’ is that you • Have you ever had a coaching session matter…and the way you are with from a coach, or an appointment as a6
  2. 2. client with healthcare practitioner, How much do you actually • Being open to using the physical body where you have felt that something as a ‘marker’ – it is the marker of all wasn’t right during the session or appreciate yourself? truth (Serge Benhayon) (the mind is after? When I asked myself these questions dishonest) – allow it to speak to you• Have things ever seemed incongruous at the beginning of this study I was not • Networking with others about how or inconsistent in what a coach or truly nourishing and supporting myself they take care of self at work facilitator or healthcare practitioner in my daily work or daily living and I Jane has studied, presented and said, and in what they personally did wasn’t waking up feeling vital and practiced HRM and OD for over 20 or didn’t do as a role model or in how steady, but after 5 years of self study, years at a senior level as well as at a they were/looked or felt? developing a deep self awareness and a strategic/national level in the NHS, her self honesty, I can now say I feel theand focus being to bring true wellbeing healthiest I have ever felt and I am back into the workplace.• What then is authenticity in coaching becoming consistently steady as I have practice? made many small but supportive During the last 10 years, Jane hasand changes to the way I live and the way I coached over 500 individuals and work. teams in a variety of workplace• Is it possible coaches can inspire settings (wider public sector, voluntary others simply by their own vitality, So if I choose to deepen and private sectors), in addition to steady-ness and consistency? my self care as a coach, facilitating 40 departments/teamsAlso ask yourself...have you ever towards a focused sense of purposeturned up to ‘serve’ another/offer a where do I start? and more harmonious workingservice to another (whether it was Here are a few suggestions: practices.coaching, facilitating, managing or • Make it about self as a study, and beotherwise) when you were tired,emotional, hungry, thirsty, frustrated, open to learn – playfully – it’s your This short paper is taken life... from the PhD study on selfdistracted, overburdened, or when the‘orange light was flickering’? • Self awareness comes from self care that Jane Keep is observations – with no judgement,If you have (I know I have), then... completing, which is based simply observing. This is self caring on the teachings of esoteric• Can you say that you truly nourish, • Being open to developing self honesty support, care for, and tend to yourself (e.g. why do I grab the chocolate bar psychology and esoteric every day? every afternoon at 3pm or 8pm?) medicine by Serge Benhayon,• Do you wake up feeling vital and • Learning to say ‘no’! the School of Universal steady? • Undertaking regular self-appreciation Medicine.and audits• How well do you know yourself and • Mini – (practical) experiments e.g. what supports you? drinking more water, or changing the time I go to bed 7