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Coach Profile Jane Keep June 2011 New Photo

  1. 1. Jane KeepCoach ProfileName: Jane KeepJob Title: Freelance Coach and facilitator, (and proprietor/director of the Inner-Heart Esoteric Coaching and Healing Practice)Organisation: Jane Keep /The Inner-Heart Esoteric Coaching and Healing PracticeEmail Address: - 1-
  2. 2. Background /Short Summary Profile:With a philosophical consciousness, I work as a practitioner on the processes oforganisational and personal change. My primary focus is to bring true wellbeingand harmony back into the workplace and to individuals in every setting. I havestudied, researched, presented and practiced human resource management andorganisational development and change for over 20 years at a senior level as wellas at a strategic/national level in the NHS, (having been working in and aroundthe NHS for 31 years). I have during the last 10 years worked in the wider publicsector, voluntary and private sectors. I also run an esoteric coaching and healingpractice in Bristol (and I am a trained acupuncturist/chakra-puncturist offering arange of esoteric healing therapies including esoteric massage). Using myunderstanding of physiology and anatomy, I am able to offer a unique approachto my work whereby individuals and teams can get a ‘felt’ sense (e.g. felt in theirown body) of the impact issues and challenges are having on them, and the waythey work.I have worked with individuals, teams, leaders and Boards and organizations inmany locations and work in ‘real-time’ using real issues or real ‘in-tray’challenges. I have coached over 500 teams in a variety of workplace settings, inaddition to facilitating 40 workplace departments/functions towards a greaterclarity and sense of purpose as well as from disharmony to more harmoniousworking practices. I regularly facilitate small and large group or team meetings. Iwork simply and clearly with the ability to connect up the seemingly disparateelements, projects, issues or challenges so that they become more focused withgreater clarity.As an external consultant for the last 11 years I have also undertaken a number ofresearch projects, and published papers in journals and books. I have also workedon particular issues of HR policy such as work-life balance, occupational health,or other related ‘well-being’ services for staff. I have worked overseas in HongKong, and briefly in Africa and Europe (recently in Holland) and fairly extensivelyin Ireland, as well as all over England and Wales. I have an MPhil in CriticalManagement where I studied ethics and values, and a Masters degree in strategichuman resource development.In recent years I have also coached many organisational or independent coachesand facilitators or trainers, as well as offering them supervision, and supervisiongroups to enable them to take a deeper responsibility for their work and a greatersense of personal well being and balance. I also run a coaching faculty at CIHM,Leeds University Business School. I am in the completion phase of a Phd which isbased on self care for coaches. - 2-
  3. 3. Coaching ExperienceI have no specific coaching qualifications – through my phd studies in the last 5years I have studied and researched coaching extensively as a coach practitioner,and as a researcher looking at coaching, and studying a cohort of 35 coachesacross England. The focus of the study deepening practical self care as a coach,and the impact this has on practice.I have been offering coaching services for over 20 years to many differentprofessions, at all levels from Chief executive to service delivery team members. Ioffer around 100 hours of coaching per annum currently.I have facilitated coaching, facilitation and mentoring workshops for aspirantcoaches, mentors and facilitators. I have run a coaching faculty – and looked atquality, and evaluation for coaching for 30 coaches at CIHM, University of Leedsfor the last few years.I work regularly in Holland with a large coaching company offering supervision forgroups of coaches.I am a member of two coaching research networks which offer peer learning, anddevelopment for coaches.I have recently led a highly successful talent management programme in the NWof England for 30 participants, deploying 10 coaches, and co-designing the toolsand processes for this.I myself have regular coaching, supervision and support from a number ofcoaches and practitioners to enable the ongoing quality of my services, and tocontinue to develop my own relationship with myself.I have attended various workshops, and development courses on coaching,mentoring, and facilitation during the last 15 years.Other relevant professional qualifications:Qualifications & membership:• Currently in write up phase of a PhD which has studied self care for coaches.• MPhil in Critical Management, Lancaster University 1999 (focused on ethics and morals in the workplace)• MSc. in Organisational Development & Strategic HRD, University of Wolverhampton 1995 (focused on evaluating effectiveness of OD/action research)• Diploma in personnel management (IPD) parts 1 & 2 1992, University of West of England,• Certificate in Personnel Practice 1989 (Bath College of Technology)• Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development - FCIPD• Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute – FCMI, and a Chartered Manager - 3-• Member of the Institute of Management Consultancy (MIMC)• Member of the EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)• Member of HPMA ( healthcare people management association)
  4. 4. Coaching approach • I work philosophically and practically, experientially, and based on real ‘in the now’ issues. • Client – led – based on the needs of the client (but not pandering to clients comfort zones!) • Facilitative through gentle questioning, providing a ‘mirror’ (a point of reflection) for the client • Enabling clients to realise the patterns and behaviours that can take them out of ‘balance’ • Enabling clients to take a deeper responsibility for themselves in discerning their daily work and living choices. • Capacity building to enable the client to ‘self coach’ to avoid any dependency upon needing a continuous coach – but so that they can become self observant, self aware, insightful, and reflective for themselves – thus enabling the skill of self coaching that they can trust and build confidence in all they do. • Works to connect up seemingly disparate issues that clients are facing to enable congruence, consistency, clarity and focus. • Working on life, work, career, and personal/health/emotional issues. • Works using the physical body as a ‘marker’ for clients to gain an awareness and understanding of how they are feeling/reacting or dealing with any given situation or challenge they are facing. • Occasionally giving guidance on where to network, source further information or support for issues outside of the coaching intervention. • Ongoing process reviews (during and after any coaching intervention) to ensure the client is tackling the issues they need, in a way that works for them. • Ensuring my own personal quality of well being and integrity so as to allow the client a clear, steady and confidential ‘space’ to work through their issues. - 4-
  5. 5. Areas of special interests in coaching include: • Life coaching • Personal development coaching • Career development coaching • Coaching for performance improvement • Team coaching • Transition to new role coaching • Leadership Skills coaching • Coaching for coaches and coach supervisorsI am able to offer all of the above where needed, my experience is wide-ranging.I can also offer life coaching, or work/life balance coaching for those who needsupport to regain perspective and work life balance, or those who have becomeoverwhelmed, or unwell due to the pressures of work.I have experience of offering team coaching/coaching teams as well asindividuals. - 5-