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L&D in a Social World


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Reed Breakfast Briefing, London, 16 October 2013

Published in: Business, Technology

L&D in a Social World

  1. L&D  in  a  Social  World   Breakfast  Briefing       Jane  Hart   Centre  for  Learning  &  Performance  Technologies   16  October  20143              
  2. @C4LPT   Independent advisor, writer and international speaker on workplace learning trends, technologies and tools 2013 recipient of the Colin Corder Award for Outstanding Contribution to Learning from the Learning & Performance Institute © C4LPT, 2013 2  
  3. Partner in the international think tank on workplace learning, Internet Time Alliance Building the new skills of the networked business © C4LPT, 2013 3  
  4. L&D  in  a  Social  World  -­‐         Backchannel   How has the Social Web affected your own work in L&D? Tweet your thoughts, comments and questions during the session. #reedbriefing
  5. Agenda   •  How the Social Web is impacting the way we learn •  Rise of Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) •  Supporting workplace learning in new ways
  6. 6  
  7. 1 Twitter 2 Google Drive/Docs 3 YouTube 4 Google Search 5 PowerPoint 6 Evernote 7 Dropbox 8 Wordpress Blogging/website tool 9 Facebook Social network 10 Google+/Hangouts . © C4LPT, 2013 SAME Social network and micro-blogging service Office tools & file storage é 1 ê 1 Video sharing site SAME Web search engine é 3 Presentation software é 6 Productivity tool File storage and synchronization service ê 1 ê 1 SAME Social network/
 video meetings é 7
  8. Poll   How many of the top 10 tools do you use on a daily basis?
  9. Individuals  are  using  social  tools  to  build  a  trusted   network  of  friends  and  colleagues    -­‐     aka  a  Personal  Learning  Network   © C4LPT, 2013 9  
  10.     ask  and  answer  ques:ons  of  each  other     exchange  resources,  ideas  and  experiences     brainstorm  and  solve  problems  together   keep  up  to  date  with  what  their  colleagues     are  doing   learn  from  each  other  –  oAen  without  even   realising  it   © C4LPT, 2013 10  
  11. “25%  of  doctors  use  social   media  daily  to  scan  or  explore   new  medical  informaRon.     Social  media  never  will   replace  tradiRonal  means  of   research  and  learning  …  it’s   an  addiRonal  —  and  valuable   —  channel  that  can  add  to  a   physician’s  knowledge  base.”     Journal  of  Medical  Internet   Research   © C4LPT, 2013 11  
  12. Individuals  are  using  social  tools  to  ..     “learn  the  new”  and  to  keep  up  to  date     with  their  industry  and  profession   © C4LPT, 2013 12  
  13. Individuals  are  using   social  tools  to  ..     find  solu:ons  to  their   own  performance   problems   © C4LPT, 2013 13  
  14. INDIVIDUALS  are  using     social  tools  to  ..     share  what  they  find,    learn,  create     and  know   with  one  another   © C4LPT, 2013 14  
  15. TEAMS  AND  GROUPS  are  using  social  tools  for  ..   knowledge  sharing  and  collabora:on   © C4LPT, 2013 15  
  16. For  those  ac:ve  on  the  Social  Web,    “learning”  will  never  be  the  same  again   conRnuously   immediately   socially   autonomously   in  the  workflow   © C4LPT, 2013 16  
  17. This  is  why  there  is  a   growing  frustra:on     with  current     e-­‐learning   “knowledge  dumps  tarted  up   with  trivial  interac6ons”   Clark  Quinn   © C4LPT, 2013 17  
  18. As  a  result  some  employees   are  now  paying  their  children   to  take  their  e-­‐learning  for   them.   © C4LPT, 2013
  19. So  the  answer  is     not  just  about     adding  social  media   to  e-­‐learning  ..   © C4LPT, 2013 19  
  20. …    it’s  about  re-­‐thinking  pracRces  and  supporRng  workplace  learning  more   widely  and  in  more  modern  and  relevant  ways.   © C4LPT, 2013 20  
  21. © C4LPT, 2013 New enterprise social networking (ESN) tools are emerging 21  
  22. © C4LPT, 2013 Group spaces within the network and external networks © C4LPT, 2013 Sharing of resources Sharing links Sharing files Polls and surveys Content creation tools Activity stream Real-time updates Member commenting Threaded discussions Likes and Replies They support a constant FLOW or stream of conversation. 22  
  23. Poll   Which ESN do you use in your organisation – if any?
  24. L&D are helping work teams to work & learn together, & share their knowledge & experiences in the flow of wok. © C4LPT, 2013 24  
  25. They are helping teams understand how to collaborate purposefully and productively through modelling new behaviours © C4LPT, 2013 25  
  26. Poll   Is building the new skills for the digitally connected workplace high on your agenda?
  27. Learning communities © C4LPT, 2013
  28. Poll   Are you building learning communities?
  29. Online  social  workshops.   scaffolded     (semi-­‐structured)   self-­‐governance   social  as  focus   content  as  support     performance-­‐oriented   © C4LPT, 2013
  30. Backchannel learning Photo  taken  by  Mike  Collins  at  e-­‐learning   network  event  2011  
  31. CoordinaRng  an  ongoing  stream  of  connected   learning  acRviRes  ..   Live  chats  –  YamJams  –   real  Rme  conversaRons     Hotseats     Book  clubs     Online  Lunch  ’n’  Learns     Daily  Rps  or  learning   resources   © C4LPT, 2013 31  
  32. get to know co-workers and company culture ask & answer questions access resources AND start contributing from the outset Social onboarding © C4LPT, 2013 32  
  33. Social  mentoring   informal,  ad  hoc  mentoring   as  needs  arise   self-­‐iniRaRng  in  the  ESN   © C4LPT, 2013 33  
  34. Poll   Which of these activities do you think might work in your organisation?
  35. 15  years   ago   10  years   ago   5  years   ago   classroom  training   e-­‐learning   LMS   blended  learning   live  learning   e-­‐coaching   simulaRons   Automa6ng   training   rapid  e-­‐learning   mobile  learning   gamificaRon   informal  learning   MOOCs   performance     performance  support   consulRng   social  learning   Enhancing   professional  networks   collaboraRon   e-­‐learning   70:20:10   PKM   knowledge   ESN   sharing   Improving    performance   The  Comet’s  Tail  of     Workplace  Learning  Trends    Jane  Hart,  2013     v  2.1  11  October  2013  
  36. Adobe  Connect   WebEx   GoToMeeRng   Jing     Camtasia   Adobe  CapRvate   Screenr   iPad  &  Apps   Android  devices   Google  Apps   (for  Business)     SharePoint   Google  Drive   Dropbox    Skydrive   PB  Works  Ning   Trello  Doodle   classroom  training   e-­‐learning   blended  learning   LMS   live  learning   e-­‐coaching   simulaRons   rapid  e-­‐learning   mobile  learning   gamificaRon   PowerPoint informal  learning   MOOCs   ArRculate   performance     performance  support   iSpring   Udutu   consulRng   social  learning   professional  networks   Coursera   collaboraRon   70:20:10   PKM   knowledge   ESN   sharing   Yammer   Twieer  Facebook   Google+  LinkedIn   Moodle   eFront   Snagit   Photoshop   elearningArt   Audacity   ProProfs   Quizmaker   Google  Search    YouTube  Vimeo   TED  Talks    Wikipedia    Slideshare     Blogs  Websites   Feedly  Delicious  Diigo  Pinterest  Paperli  Scoopit  Flipboard    Pearltrees  Zite   Evernote    OneNote  Pocket  Storify  Hootsuite  Tweetdeck     Wordpress  Blogger   How  some  of  the  Top  100  Tools  for  Learning  2013  fit     into  the  Comet’s  Tail  of  Workplace  Learning  Trends   Enterprise  tools  in  blue,  other  tools  in  orange.   Note  the  tools  are  representaRve  of  the  key  trends;  they  are  not  shown  in    chronological  order   Created  by  Jane  Hart,  2013  
  37. ESNs are one way that learning and working is converging .. conRnuously   immediately   socially   autonomously   in  the  workflow   © C4LPT, 2013 (e-) training knowledge sharing in work teams and groups as an integral part of the daily flow of work work tasks
  38. The  Social  Learning  Revolu:on     Jane  Hart,  GREAT  Conference    Lisbon,  16  September  2013