Building the New Skills of the Networked Workplace


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Presentation at the Charity Learning Consortium Conference, 27 November 2013

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Building the New Skills of the Networked Workplace

  1. Building the New Skills of the Networked Workplace Jane Hart Charity Learning Consortium Conference London, 27 November 2013
  2. @C4LPT   Independent advisor, writer and international speaker on workplace learning and collaboration trends, technologies and tools © C4LPT, 2013 2  
  3. Partner in the international think tank on workplace learning, Internet Time Alliance Building the new skills of the networked business © C4LPT, 2013 3  
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  6. 1 Twitter 2 Google Drive/Docs 3 YouTube 4 Google Search 5 PowerPoint 6 Evernote 7 Dropbox 8 Wordpress Blogging/website tool 9 Facebook Social network 10 Google+/Hangouts . SAME Social network and micro-blogging service Office tools & file storage é 1 ê 1 Video sharing site SAME Web search engine é 3 Presentation software é 6 Productivity tool File storage and synchronization service ê 1 ê 3 SAME Social network/
 video meetings é 7
  7. 1.  2.  3.  4.  Free online social tools dominate the list Increasing consumerization of IT and Learning Learning, working and personal tools are merging Personal and professional learning is under the control of the individual
  8. Individuals are using social tools to build a trusted network of friends and colleagues - aka a Personal or Professional Learning Network 8  
  9. ask and answer questions of each other exchange resources, ideas and experiences brainstorm and solve problems together keep up to date with what their colleagues are doing learn from each other – often without even realising it 9  
  10. “25% of doctors use social media daily to scan or explore new medical information. Social media never will replace traditional means of research and learning … it’s an additional — and valuable — channel that can add to a physician’s knowledge base.” Journal of Medical Internet Research 10  
  11. Individuals are using social tools to .. “learn the new” and to keep up