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Real estate photography


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Exquisite should not be expensive! Jane Haas is a top-notch Real Estate Photographers who makes it her priority to get you high quality photos without breaking your marketing budget!

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Real estate photography

  1. 1. Think ofhow expensivereal estate adsIn magazinesare:Average Ad Rate:Base Ad Rates (4 week price)1/4 page $340 | 1/2 page $610 | Full page $1,100Base Ad Rates (2 week price)1/4 page $230 | 1/2 page $430 | Full page $770Special PositionCover $1,200(Cover requires minimum a of additional 1/2 page 2week ad featuring the cover property.)Page 2 $800Page 3 $830Inside Back Cover $790Back Cover $870Why would anyone use bad photos in their ads in magazines?
  2. 2. Statistically speaking….The Wall Street Journal reports,“Listings with nicer photos gainedanywhere between $934 and $116,076.”“It is shocking that only 15.4% ofhomes in our data set were marketedusing professional photography.”
  3. 3. “The majority of listings, 80.9%, werephotographed using point & shootphotography, and still another 0.7%used just a camera phone.Let’s not mince words:If you are not using professionalphotography to market your home, youare not really marketing your home!”
  4. 4. Think Like A Buyer…In the following slidesdecide which homewould you rather see,then guess the listing priceofHome A and Home B
  5. 5. Home A
  6. 6. Question:Would you want to seeHome A?How much do you thinkHome A is worth?
  7. 7. Home B
  8. 8. Write it down:Would you want to seeHome B?How much do you thinkHome B is worth?
  9. 9. HOME A & HOME BARE THE SAME HOUSE!If you were listing your house today, which Realtor would yourather use? The one who marketed Home A or Home B?
  10. 10. MORE EXAMPLES:
  11. 11. MORE EXAMPLES:
  12. 12. MORE EXAMPLES:
  14. 14. MORE STATISTICS:How many more clicks do professional photosreceive?• Using professional photos can draw more attention to yourlistings and result in more clicks by potential buyers.• Listings that utilized professional photos generate an average139% increase in clicks compared to similar listings.• Although more clicks do not guarantee a sale, it does meanmore potential buyers are viewing your listing. Reaching morebuyers with your listing betters your chance of finding the rightbuyer.
  15. 15. Some buyers mustshop online for homes!NARs 2013 Investment& Vacation Home BuyersSurvey, covering existingand new-hometransactions in 2012,showed vacation-homesales rose 10.1 percentto 553,000 from 502,000in 2011.Also, home sales are up amongstforeign buyers… especially in Florida!
  16. 16. Client Testimonials: Jane, The home had two offers, one Friday and the other today! TheBates went with todays offer! I loved all your work and i want you todo the photography for everyone of my listings...thank you again forall of your help with 1075 Nash… - SOLD in 5 days! Cheryl Jane is an excellent photographer and stager. If you are a realtorlooking for pictures Jane is the best. She will show your listings intheir very best light. She makes my clients feel at ease while makingtheir home look better than ever. I highly recommend her. Greatpictures, great prices.” Elizabeth Buccigrossi “Jane is awesome! Great photographs for marketing homes areessential. She not only takes photos but helps in the staging processas well. I use Jane on all of my listings. I would highly recommend herto all agents who want to promote their properties in the best waypossible.” Sandy Ferko
  17. 17. PHOTOGRAPHY INVESTMENT Choose from several affordable packages: 50 Photos for $149.99 35 Photos for $114.99 25 Photos for $84.99 12 Photos for $54.99 Add on a virtual tour for just $25!
  18. 18. INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE!•Light staging is included!•Photos will be sent via email or dropbox.•Photos are sent ready for your listings at: 640Pixels, larger sizes are available for 10 moreimages of your choice for advertising.•Easy booking at!•Credit Cards & Checks accepted online at!
  19. 19. Jane Haas specializes in PremiumArchitectural Photography forRealtors, interior designers, builders,architects and homeowners. She hasbeen a professional photographersince 1997 and has photographedwell over 6,000 homes & people.She combines her experience in photography, art & modeling withher love of Real Estate, Staging & Technology. She is trained inInterior Redesign & Staging, worked in marketing & Advertising andwas a Technology Specialist for over 12 years.