Digital Planning for BMO Harris Bank


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Digital Planning for BMO Harris Bank

  1. 1. BMO Digital Vision
  2. 2. A synchronized digital brand experience that is strategically integrated
  3. 3. The Power of Digital Always On Pull Media Rich Engagement Data Driven
  4. 4. Digital
  5. 5. The Digital Role For BMO INCREASE AWARENESS CONNECT & ENGAGE CUSTOMER SERVICE ACQUISITION Branding Business Lines Always On Brand Truths Key Life Stages & Financial Decisions Specific/Action-Oriented
  7. 7. Reintroduction / Landscape Web / Microsite Social Digital OOH LBSN Display Ads Mobile
  8. 8. Creative Concepts
  9. 9. Reintroduction
  10. 10. Reintroduction / Micro Hub To bring the wit and charm of the brand to life online, this engagement portal provides multitouch points for consumers to get to know BMOHB. Content would include: - Video - Web only videos - Celebrity video on money - TV ads - Rich content - Voice of customers - BMO History - UGC - Social Media (push/pull)
  11. 11. Reintroduction / Micro Hub Meet BMO
  12. 12. Reintroduction / Mobile I want a bank that helps me make hard decisions. -Joani M. Meet BMO To create a conversation around who BMO is and what it stands for, people are asked to text what kind of bank they want to a BMO short code. Their replies appear on digital billboards and on the microsite. Can also segment by geography. Questions can change over time.
  13. 13. Reintroduction / Mobile Text “hi” to Beemo User texts “hi” to Beemo Text from BMO: Hello, how would you like to chat? Text 1 to continue text Text 2 & we’ll call you Text 3 for an email E-Chat User texts 2 tex ts 1 Auto email after 10PM CST Us er Hi Beemo Push to Talk Us er te xt s 3 Email
  14. 14. Reintroduction / Got Your Back / Display Hi
  15. 15. Beemopedia Digital Extensions
  16. 16. Reintroduction / Beemopedia / Social Create an engaging Facebook app where fans can like, share, comment on and create definitions. Definitions can also be content for FB posts and tweets.
  17. 17. Reintroduction / Beemopedia / Display
  18. 18. Reintroduction / Beemopedia / Display Beemopedia Display ads In addition to flash banner ads, leverage rich media to help tell the bigger story of BMO and incorporate Beemopedia, the ability to have users find a branch with mapping capability, and drive them to other deeper experiences and social media.
  19. 19. Sustaining
  20. 20. Let’s bring to life the emotional and aspirational result of banking with BMO Harris Bank and helping people make money make sense. Grounded in the truth of the brand vision and brand promise, BMOre is the result of great customer experiences and removing complexity from financial decisions.
  21. 21. BMO re The digital platform that rallies fans around the idea of making their hopes and dreams a reality, and embodies the idea of achieving goals in a realistic, straightforward way.
  22. 22. BMO re We see this idea working across external and internal communications: Consumers: - Customer service - Financial guidance: general & biz lines - Social network (online) communities - Community focused in local markets Employees: - Recruiting - Customer focus - Employee morale - Bank motto/credo - Business lines
  23. 23. Sustaining / BMOre / Mobile My Financial Pal It’s easy to BMOre when you know what you’re doing with your money. My Financial Pal allows you to snap pictures of your receipts and organize them in the app. It’s like a food diary for your finances with charts, goals, and more. Some features could include: capture receipts - organize receipts - generate reports - send receipts - set daily spend goal - see spending over time
  24. 24. Sustaining / BMOre / Webinar BMOre Make Sense Video Webinar We can help you BMOre by providing a venue for customers to be able to easily ask their financial questions to BMOHB experts. Monthly video webinars are hosted with different themes and people can ask their financial questions in real time to a BMOHB employee which demonstrates the customer focus of the brand. Drivers include: - Microsite - Email - Social Networks - Targeted Display Ads
  25. 25. Sustaining / Beemopedia / LBSN Banking that’s with you every step of the way. Get smart where you spend.  Check in wherever you make financial transactions and receive instant advice and guidance from BMO experts. We’re here every step of the way to help you make money make sense.
  26. 26. Sustaining / BMOre / Sweepstakes BMOre in Action Sweepstakes BMOre Sweepstakes brings the idea of BMO helping its customers to be more by providing the opportunity to have the bank help them turn a dream into reality. Fans and customers share their financial stories about their goals--from putting money away for college or putting on a new addition--by submitting videos or photos/essay. Once 10 finalists are narrowed down, the fans vote to help determine the winner. There are also strong PR legs.
  27. 27. Sustaining / BMOre / Sweeps Display
  28. 28. Sustaining / BMOre / Vision Board BMOre Vision Board Create a Vision Board application on Facebook where fans can upload their pictures of their goals to BMOre. Provides PR opportunities to talk about BMO and get people excited, which would increase fans.
  29. 29. Sustaining / BMOre / In the community BMOre Community Minded Let’s bring to life the community focus and giving back aspect of the brand. Through a Twitter contest, fans can nominate a public area (in a BMO Bank market) for a chance to have BMO fix it up. - Followers would tweet where and why using #BMOre. - Location that got the most tweets would win. BMO could then use the day as an employee service day to help fix up the location, photograph & video it to share on Facebook and Twitter.
  30. 30. Sustaining / BMOre / Partnership HGTV Partnership Partner with HGTV, leveraging and repurposing relevant content to encourage a deeper fan engagement. Content could include: holiday home design tips on a small budget, making the most out of what you have, gift ideas for college kids and other helpful content tied to the seasonality of Thanksgiving & December holidays.
  31. 31. Sustaining / Social / Facebook Facebook Create a highly engaged fan base on Facebook that shares content and contributes to conversations. Pulse activities and social campaigns tied to business lines as well as overall branding.
  32. 32. Sustaining / Social / Twitter Customer Service Big opportunity to create a great customer service experience a kin to Comcast. Twitter Contests Create simple contests on Twitter to drive conversations around BMOre. Theme ideas include: Money Mondays - tweet money concerns and how they want to BMOre, using #BMOre. Rainy Day Funds - ask people what they would do with an extra $50 using #RainyDay. Favorite tweets would win BMOre swag.
  33. 33. Sustaining / Social / Pinterest
  34. 34. Sustaining / Social / Content Campaigns Leverage partnerships: Content Ideas General - Beemopedia - BMOre in Action Sweeps - BMOre Vision Board - The Bulls - Blackhawks - Northwestern - University of Wisconsin - White Sox - Bears - Marcus Center - BMO Harris Bradley Center - Caption contests - Polls - Financial tip of the day (guidance) - Customer service - Announcements - Infographics & links - Community involvement - Twitter feed
  35. 35. Social / Drivers Drivers to Social Media In order to grow the fan base on social networks: - Email your most valued consumers Hi - Site banners and interstitials throughout the website and online banking - Site banners on all BMOHB microsites - Tag TV, radio and OOH - Online and mobile ads - In-branch signage (in-branch plasma displays, drive-up teller envelopes, employee name tags, deal plate, teller topper, window decals, muzak) - ATMs (screens & receipts)
  36. 36. Sustaining / Social / Display
  37. 37. Wrap up Web / Microsite Social Digital OOH LBSN Display Ads Mobile