Yelp Reputation Management - Tips on Removing Negative Reviews and Increasing Positive Reviews


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Learn how to manage your reputation on Yelp. Tips on how to remove negative reviews on Yelp and how to increase your positive reviews.

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Yelp Reputation Management - Tips on Removing Negative Reviews and Increasing Positive Reviews

  1. 1. Yelp Reputation Management By Pierre Zarokian
  2. 2. • Submit Express – – Launched in 1998 – Services: Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management & Web Design – Based in Burbank, CA and has 20+ employees – Ranked #1 SEO Firm by Website Magazine – - 2007, 2008 & 2009 – - 2008 & 2009 • Pierre Zarokian – Writer for Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, etc – Quoted & Interviewed by Forbes, WSJ and LA Times – Has spoken at industry trade shows, Search Engine Strategies, Pubcon, etc About Submit Express
  3. 3. • “Yelp is an online urban city guide that helps consumers find cool places to eat, shop, relax and play based on the informed opinions of a vibrant community of locals in the know”. • “Numbers don’t lie approach” • Cumulative reviews on Yelp have increased 42% to 41M reviews YOY and unique visitors has increased to 117M. • Yelp Mobile App is on 11.2M unique mobile devices. Who is
  4. 4. • Harvard University research shows that a 1-star difference in reviews on Yelp may result in 5% to 9% in business gained or lost • 83% of consumers say online customer reviews influence their purchase decisions. • 63% of viewers of Yelp, visit/call that specific location. 38% of those viewers make a purchase. • A word-of-mouth recommendation is the primary factor behind 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions Impact of
  5. 5. Goal • Improve the In-Store Experience • Increase Positive Reviews • Decrease Negative Reviews Yelp Action Plan
  6. 6. Yelp Review Breakdown
  7. 7. • Review Filters • How to get reviews removed • General Yelp Advice How Yelp Works
  8. 8. • New reviews get filtered • New reviewers may need 10+ reviews and wait several months • A business with no reviews may display reviews from new users (no filtering) • A business with primarily negative reviews may get more positive review filtered • Some reviews stay a few days then get filtered • Responding to reviews may make them stick • Useful / Funny / Cool – may make review stick Yelp Review Filters
  9. 9. – Original poster can remove – Reviews against Yelp Terms of Service (TOS) may be removed. Examples: • 3rd Party Reviews • Wrong Business Reviewed (Corporate vs. Agent site) Can Negative Reviews be Removed?
  10. 10. • Contact orginal poster • Flag review and explain to Yelp • Send legal cease & desist to orginal poster, but watch out for ANTI-SLAPP laws! – You could be liable for damages! • Send legal notice to Yelp • Hire a professional to do it for you! • If all above fails, Respond Publicly How to get reviews removed
  11. 11. • Claim your Yelp Profile • Advertise with Yelp, but only if you have at least 3.5 stars • Ask all happy customers to leave a review – Offering an incentive is against Yelp policy – Once a month giveaways to one lucky reviewer • Ask manager to handle upset clients. Offer discounts. • Follow up calls - within a day • Customer satisfaction surveys emailed right away General Yelp Advice
  12. 12. • Positive reviews on Google+ will help your rankings in Google • Don’t forget about: – YP and other Yellow Page Sites – City Search – Twitter – Facebook – BBB – & other complaint sites Google+ and other sites
  13. 13. • Linkedin: • Websites: • Phone: 818-567- 3030 x202 Contact Info