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Practical PowerShell for the Windows Administrator


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Have you ever needed to perform the same task on more than one server? In this session you will see demos on how you can manage Windows systems using Windows PowerShell. You will get to see different techniques for remote management, demos of managing Hyper-V with and without System Center Virtual Machine Manager as well as several other demos!

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Practical PowerShell for the Windows Administrator

  1. 1. Practical PowerShell for the Windows Administrator Jan Egil Ring Senior Consultant, Infrastructure
  2. 2. Agenda • Specific scenarios • System Center Virtual Machine Manager • Hyper-V • DNS • DHCP • Profile- and module-managementJanuary 22, 2012 NIC 2012
  3. 3. Hyper-V Administration using SystemCenter Virtual Machine Manager• Manage Hyper-V, VMware and XenServer• Built on top of PowerShell• Makes it easy to do bulk management, generate reports and so on.• Automate baselines, best practices and tuning• Demo: Generate reports of your virtual infrastructure and VM bulk-provisioning Recommended TechEd-video, Failover Clustering & Hyper-V :
  4. 4. Hyper-V administration usingPowerShell• Hyper-V PowerShell-module in Windows 8 (both client and server) with ~150 cmdlets• No PowerShell-module for managing Hyper-V in Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 from Microsoft• Community module from James O`Neill (
  5. 5. DNS• Real world example: The domain is being upgraded to the latest version, and there has been made a decision not to re-use any IP addresses for the DNS servers• Mission: Change DNS server settings on all servers in the domain• Possible solution: Get/Set-DNSServerSearchOrder PowerShell Network Adapter Configuration Module by Jan Egil Ring:
  6. 6. DHCP administration using PowerShell• Builtin PowerShell module in Windows Server 8• Wrapper-module around netsh available for downlevel server OS• Demo: Bulk-create over 200 DHCP-scopes PowerShell Module for DHCP by Jeremy Engel:
  7. 7. • Back to the SC VMM demo
  8. 8. Profile- and module-management• Design how you will manage PowerShell profiles and modules in your environment• Company-specific module and script repository• Redirected Documents-folder and default PowerShell profile for adminsCorporate Powershell Module Repository by PowerShell MVP Tome Tanasovski:
  9. 9. Call to actionIf not already using PowerShell, start using it (quickest way to start: stop using cmd.exe)Use the PowerShell community to Get-Help
  10. 10. Resources TechNet WikiWindows PowerShell Survival Guide ArticlesJames O`Neill - best practices: Hicks - turn CLI tools into PowerShell: PowerShell: Scripting Crash Course:
  11. 11. Microsoft Technology User Group Script Club Part of the Microsoft Technology User Group in Oslo Regular workshops exploring various topics around automation and scripting with a focus on PowerShell. Meetings is announced at If you want to find or create a PowerShell usergroup or script club, check out
  12. 12. Contact infoNew-Object PSObject -Property @{Name = "Jan Egil Ring""E-mail" = ""TwitterId = "@JanEgilRing"Website = ""}