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Your Values


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Your Values change over time. If you find you aren't living to your values, you can change to live by your values. As you live increasingly by your principles, you 'll find your joy in living becomes magnified.

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Your Values

  2. 2. It's never too late to decide on a new path for yourself.
  3. 3. Regardless of where you are in your life,
  4. 4. you can take some simple actions today.
  5. 5. If you find that you're not living by your values change just takes practice!
  6. 6. If you truly like the way you live your life,
  7. 7. now may be a great time
  8. 8. to cultivate gratitude for the person you are
  9. 9. and the life you have.
  10. 10. Self-love can always be
  11. 11. expanded and deepened.
  12. 12. Regardless, awareness is crucial to continuing on your path of intentional evolution. And remember, this may change over time.
  13. 13. As you live increasingly by your principles,
  14. 14. you'll find your joy in living becomes magnified. You'll expand on many levels,
  15. 15. and will have more to give to others.
  16. 16. Determine what you want in your life,
  17. 17. what values you want to live by, and
  18. 18. go for it!
  19. 19. Nothing can stop you from
  20. 20. making the most of who you are.
  21. 21. May you live your life by your beliefs and values, and find peace and pleasure in every day.
  22. 22. For more discussion on VALUES
  23. 23. go to
  24. 24.