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Letter to judges

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115April 18th, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:My name is Jane Cox. I am eighteen years old and will be attending Kennesaw StateUniversity in the fall. I am very family oriented and regularly attend church at CalvaryBaptist Church. I am very active in the youth group there and sing in the choir. I havebeen singing since I was three years old. As far-fetched as it may be, my dream is to oneday be known for my voice as a country singer. On a realistic note, I am highlyconsidering to be a nurse, but now I’m starting to lean more in the direction of becominga dental hygienist, which was originally my back up choice in case I couldn’t get into thenursing program. My mind keeps changing in what career path I would like to go in. Forexample, at the beginning of the year, I considered taking up a job in decorating cakes,which led me to the decision of taking cake classes and making my final cake for thissenior project.My product is a classic yellow, layered cake, covered in an ivory fondant. It is toppedwith red-tipped, yellow roses and strung with a yellow and red blended ribbon. I was ableto succeed in making this cake with the help of the Wilton products and classes that Ifound while researching. Some issues I found, were getting the flower petals to stay inplace. I ended up having to let them dry for several days in baking cups. I also hadtrouble with the ribbon, but after a lot of molding and patience, I was able to place it in afashion that I was satisfied with.My choice of project showed me a glimpse of what it takes to be a pastry chef. I took thecake classes to learn the techniques that Wilton teaches, to create my final product. Ilearned that cake decorating takes a lot of patience and hard work. Something I lack ispatience, I so I definitely had some difficulty in mastering some of the techniques. Duringthis process, I found out that a career in becoming a pastry chef is not something I desireto pursue. It’s something that I didn’t really enjoy doing, especially when I knew it wasvital in doing so and I didn’t have a passion for it.I personally found this project to be very stressful. As being in my senior year, we have ahard enough time with our everyday school work and the decisions we have to make withcolleges or our other future plans. I find it somewhat unfair to have something thisimportant being held over your head for your last year. We already have so much wehave to deal with at this stage and it just adds onto everything. I don’t think it would be asbad if it were to be condensed or not as much weighed as much as a priority. I honestly
  2. 2. don’t feel like I have learned much that will be beneficial to me in the future, but I guesstime will tell. I would like to thank you, judges, for taking the time out of your busy livesto see the process and final result of this senior project. It means a lot to me that youwould come to see my presentation and to acknowledge me for the effort I’ve put into myproject.Sincerely,Jane Cox