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Crisis Analysis Presentation

  1. 1. Hazing Leads to Student’s Death Maegan Dunn Photo courtesy of:
  2. 2. • 1887—State Normal College for Colored People founded• 1953—Received university status & changed name to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University• 1956—First African American institution to be a member of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools• 1997—Named by TIME Magazine the College of the Year ‘97-’98 Leader in African American education with strong social and ethical morals Photo courtesy of:
  3. 3. • U.S. Representative at 200th anniversary of the French Revolution• Performed four times for President Bill Clinton during administration• Performed at Super Bowls Legendary marching band that has set standards for bands everywhere Photo courtesy of:
  4. 4. • November 19, 2011 Robert Champion was found unresponsive on a bus chartered by the Marching 100 after “Crossing Bus C”• Medical examiner declared Champion’s death a homicide• Investigators charged 13 individuals with contributing to Champion’s death 26-year-old Drum Major at Florida A&M Photo courtesy of:
  5. 5. In the beginning..– FAMU immediately suspended 4 students suspected to be involved in the hazing that lead to Champion’s death– Fired Julian White, Chair of the Music Department and Director of the Marching 100– Suspended all further Marching 100 activities– Suspended all recruitment of student organizations for Spring 2012– Hired independent committee of experts to help school board with ending the hazing epidemic Photo courtesy of:
  6. 6. Currently.. – FAMU has launched the website to educate students – Held forums and public discussions for students to discuss hazing – Hiring Administrator to oversee anti- hazing programs and a Music Department Compliance Officer to oversee department and band – Enacting stricter requirements for future band students • Must be full-time students • Maintain certain GPA plus other academic requirements • Maximum of 4 years as a band member – Requiring all students to sign anti- hazing pledge in order to enroll for Spring 2013 semester Photo courtesy of:
  7. 7. • Responded to lawsuit by Robert Champion’s parents by blaming Champion for his own death – Believed as a 26-year-old adult Champion knew the consequences• President James Ammons resigned despite stating that he would stay to see the hazing problem solved• Hazing still continues to be a problem – Dance Troupe suspended on suspension of hazing over Labor Day weekend – Alpha Kappa Psi fraternity suspended due to allegations of hazing Photo courtesy of:
  8. 8. Most articles remained neutral toward FAMU– Questioned whether FAMU could get a handle on hazing epidemic– Recounted the struggles FAMU has faced with finances– Reported on what the university has been trying to do since the incident Photo courtesy of:
  9. 9. • Protested outside Florida Governor Rick Scott’s house because of recommendation to suspend President Ammons• Articles that have quoted students show many don’t believe the school is doing enough• Twitter – Feel like recent events reveal the school is not making a difference – See the quick judgment to suspend troupe and fraternity as university being overly picky – View the efforts of the university (website, forums) as a joke and not a real solution Photo courtesy of:
  10. 10. • Hire outside crisis consultants to develop anti- hazing campaign• Continue suspending organizations that violate code but not until proven – Halt all events, meetings but don’t suspend until there is sufficient proof for innocence or guilt• Develop stricter anti-hazing policies for large organizations such as Greek organizations Photo courtesy of:
  11. 11. Photo courtesy of: