2014 annual bridal showcase overview


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2014 annual bridal showcase overview

  1. 1. 13th Annual Bridal Showcase Overview Sunday, January 19th Noon – 4pm Date: NEW LOCATION Central Middle School Auditorium & Gym Fashion Show: Noon – Auditorium Vendor Displays: Noon – 4pm Coordinated by: Muscatine Journal 301 E. 3rd St. Muscatine, IA52761 Jaime Weikert Muscatine Journal Sales Advertising & Events Manager Representatives (563) 262-0543 (563) 263- 2331 Ext 4 jweikert@muscatinejournal.com You may also contact your Muscatine Journal Sales Representative directly Set-up time: Sunday, January 19th, 8am-11am Saturday set-up or earlier time may be available with prior arrangement. Complimentary Lunch served 11am – Noon for all vendors Hallways & Entrances must be clear by 11am! You may still be working on your booth between 11am and noon, but please plan to have your vehicles unloaded and parked in vendor parking by 11am. Vendor parking location will be supplied with layout map prior to event. Tear Down: Please remain set-up until 4pm. Payment: You may be billed for your expo booth if on billing terms with The Muscatine Journal. All other booths must be paid for in advance. Deadline: Businesses who sign up by January 7, 2014 will receive an ad in the Bridal Guide distributed in the Muscatine Journal and available in Bride bags. After January 7, 2014, package is for booth space only. Promotional Items: Please let us know if you would like counter cards, in-store posters or expo graphics made available to you to post on Facebook or Twitter. Page 1/5
  2. 2. Booth Space Packages Table Top Display Areas You will receive the top of 6ft table(s) to use as your display area in the expo hall. Your space may be end on end with other tables. Free standing signage, easels, walls or arches are not permitted. All items, including your signage, must be on top of, or fastened to your table(s). Attendees list provided. Package Includes an e-mail blast to 2013 & 2014 attendees. Booth Space Package Single Table Top Display Double Table Top Display Bridal Guide Ad Size* 2 column x 2” 2 column x 5” Upsize Your Ad for $10 per column inch Package Price $250 $350 Add Color to your ad for $50 Floor Space Display Areas You will receive a designated area to display as you choose in the expo hall. Free standing items, including signage, easels, walls and arches are permitted. 6ft tables are available as shown below. Additional tables are available for $15 each but must be utilized inside of your space. Attendees list provided. Package Includes an e-mail blast to 2013 & 2014 attendees. Booth Space Package 10x10 (Up to 2 tables provided) 10x20 (Up to 4 tables provided) 10x30 (Up to 6 tables provided) 20x20 (Up to 8 tables provided) Bridal Guide Ad Size* 2 column x 3” 3 column x 5” Full Color 3 column x 10” Full Color 6 column x 10” Package Price $350 $500 $650 $800 Upsize Your Ad for $10 per column inch Add Color to your ad for $50 Additional tables - $15 ea Bridal Guide Ad Only Booth space not included. Deadline for Ad Space in section January 7, 2014 2x2 - $80 2x3 - $100 2x4 - $120 2x5 - $125 3x5 - $150 3x10 - $275 Half Page - $350 Full Page - $400 Page 2/5
  3. 3. Additional Promotional Opportunities Bride Bag Stuffers 300 Bride Bags are pre-stuffed to be handed out at the expo. Additional un-stuffed bags are available to other members of the wedding party. Leftover bags are distributed to couples placing engagement announcements throughout the year. (if applicable) Bag Insertion Fee Expo Vendor Insertion Fee: $50 Non-Vendor Insertion Fee: $250 Printing of Flyers (to be stuffed in bags or distributed at your booth) Deadline of 1/7/14 for printing & insertion: Design, Printing of 300 Flyers – 1 Sided/Full Color - $125 Design, Printing of 300 Flyers – 2 Sided/Full Color - $200 Travel Grand Prize Partnership You will receive a FREE Booth for a prize valued at $1,000 & A Full Page in the Bridal Expo publication in exchange for a travel giveaway valued at over $1,000. Your logo will also be included in all advance promotion. Trade agreement subject to Muscatine Journal management approval. (Once contracted). 2013 Partner has first right of refusal Vendor Hospitality Sponsor You will receive a flyer stuffed in Bridal Bags in exchange for Breakfast or Lunch provided for approximately 65 vendors. Licensed kitchens only please. Fashion Show Sound System Provider Save $100 when you provide the sound equipment for the fashion show. Available to an expo participant only. Includes 1st right of refusal for next year. Floral Provider – Fashion Show Exclusive Fashion Show florist will be responsible for stage decoration and bouquets/boutonnieres for models. Available with purchase of a 10x20 booth or larger. (Will be awarded to first one contracted. If not contracted by 1/7/14, each participating florist will have the opportunity to provide flowers/stage decoration.) First 100 Brides Prize Sponsor You will receive an on-stage interview to describe your product in addition to additional promotion when you provide a minimum of 100 free gifts, valued at $10 or more for the first 100 brides through the door. The gift, or a certificate for the gift must be submitted by January 7th. Coupons are not considered a “gift”. Consumer must be able to use it to receive something or add money to it. Page 3/5
  4. 4. 13th Annual Muscatine Bridal Showcase Exhibitor Contract Business Name: Please print name as it should appear in all print and/or advertising of the Bridal Showcase Primary Contact: Secondary Contact Business Phone: Fax: E-mail Address(es): Website: Billing Address: THIS ORDER FOR TIME AND PARTICIPATION IN THE BRIDAL SHOWCASE EVENT IS SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: MUSCATINE JOURNAL AGREES TO: 1. Conduct the Bridal Showcase event on Sunday, January 19th. 2. Promote the bridal showcase event with announcements in The Muscatine Journal, Quad City Times, The Thrifty Nickel/ Post and on Muscatinejournal.com. 3. This Bridal Showcase will feature information and businesses of interest to Brides-to-be of approximately 4 hours in length. 4. Provide covered 6 foot tables as described in the booth space packages. All tables will be skirted or draped. 5. Provide basic housekeeping throughout the duration of the Bridal Showcase event, but does not guarantee the advertiser against losses from pilferage. PARTICIPANT AGREES TO: 1. Decorate the designated booth space with appropriate items and materials of interest and related to the products or services sold by the advertisers. The Muscatine Journal reserves the right to refuse any conflicting or questionable material displayed at the Bridal Showcase. No items for any other business will be included in display nor distributed at the show without written permission from Jaime Weikert, Muscatine Journal Bridal Showcase coordinator. 2. Provide sufficient manpower to staff the display during the hours that the Bridal Showcase event is open to the public. 3. Due to the selective and exclusive nature, I fully understand and agree that this contract is firm and non-cancelable. Further, I agree that I shall wave any rights, whatsoever, based on performance, or otherwise, with regard to non-payment by me, of any sums that shall become due and payable under this agreement. 4. Provide a minimum of $50 in goods or services to be given away as a door prize in addition to any giveaways at your own booth. Select One (or Bold): Check (if applicable) Table Top Display Circle: Single Double Circle: 10x10 10x20 10x30 20x20 Check Here for electricity. # of Tables Size of Ad (larger ads available for $10 per column inch) Total Contract Amount: $ Bill me for the booth, I have an account with I have pre-paid my booth & ad fee. The Muscatine Journal (Cash, Checks & Credit Cards accepted) Mail to: Muscatine Journal, 301 E. 3rd St., Muscatine, IA 52761 Attn: Jaime Weikert Fax to: (563) 262-8042 Attn: Jaime Weikert E-mail to: jweikert@muscatinejournal.com Page 4/5
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