Dealing with the latest government measures


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latest government measure

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Dealing with the latest government measures

  1. 1. Dealing with the LatestGovernment Measures By Colin Tan ColinTan Training & Consultancy Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  2. 2. Why investing in Singapore in the next 3 – 5 years is still a good bet? Singapore will become a sought after global city & playground of the rich & famous1 Globalization 13 Change of Use for the Financial district2 Government Initiatives 14 Singapore – The Medical Tourism3 Theatres & the Esplanade Hub4 24-hr Licensing 15 Changes in Censorship Policy5 Singapore Flyer 16 Population to Increase to 6.56 Casinos Million7 Integrated Resorts & Theme 17 Strong Economic Climate Parks 18 Fund Managers & Investors’8 Formula 1 Activities9 M.I.C.E. 19 Lack of Disparity in Prices10 Singapore – between Prices in Mass Market & The Biopolis of Asia High-end Market11 Singapore – The Education 20 Interest Rates Hub 21 Light up the city scheme12 Marina Bay Area 2 Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  3. 3. Dealing with the latest Government MeasuresThe Starting ScriptSalesperson: Mr Tan, let us analyse in detail whetherthis is still the right time to buy the property or not. Atthe end of the day and after the analysis if you feel thatit is not the right time to buy than dont buy anything.Fair enough?Buyer: Okay. Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  4. 4. 1. Population GrowthSalesperson: (show news article About Singapores populationgrowth) As you can see, base on the report it shows that thepopulation will grow to about 6.5million with some suggesting 8million. Our current population is about 5million and it isexpected to take less than 10 years to reach about 6.5million.That means the population will increase at a rate of about150,000 per year which is more than 10,000 people added toSingapore per month!What do you think will happen to the demand of properties inSingapore? Mr Tan?Buyer: Increase. Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  5. 5. 2. Singapore’s Economic PerformanceSalesperson: (Take out the EDB article printed fromthe website them the Economic condition of Singapore andhow we rank in the world.Mr Tan, base on all the info here it tells us thatSingapore is the best place to invest in, dont you agree?Buyer: Yes... Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  6. 6. 3-5. Transformation, Interest Rate & Price Disparity (Take out the 21 Points on ‘Why Invest in Singapore Properties’ by Colin Tan which analyzes the direction of Singapore as a whole and its impact on the Singapore real estate market.) 3. Transformation of Singapore 4. Low interest rates 5. Low price disparity [high end price potential] From here stress the interest rates and price disparity to indicate the fundamental elements which clearly indicate that the real estate market in Singapore has not reached the peak. Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  7. 7. 6. LKY Said in June 2010 that we are not in a bubbleSalesperson: (Take out the Lee Kuan Yew’s article about Singapore propertyis not in a bubble).Mr Tan, as you can see this article is only about 2 months ago (change the 2months ago to the latest date that u use this script) that MR Lee Kuan Yewsaid thatSingapore property is not in a bubble yet and he also mention the propertymarket is not saturated and he also mention that Singapore property are muchlower than any other place around the world and more people will continueto pay higher for our properties.Mr Tan, even Mr Lee Kuan Yew who is regarded to among the besteconomist in the world feels our property prices are still very low, what doesthat tell us about the price of properties in Singapore?Buyer: The price will still go up? Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  8. 8. 7. Most of the existing owners can hold and do not need to dumpSalesperson: Mr. Tan, Im sure you are also aware that sincethe beginning of 2010 there are very few speculators orpunters left and there have been at least *3 rounds of anti-speculation measures already implemented and many of thebuyers since then were people who have the holding power.Then in Aug 2010 another measure was implemented andagain means that almost all the buyers bought with theintention to hold.This means that there are very few people who need to dumptheir properties; and if people dont need to dump, then theprices will not nosedive.Buyer: True Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  9. 9. 8. HDB policy of 30 Aug 2010Ever since the HDB ruling, PermanentResidents will be more inclined to buy massmarket private residential properties as manyhave their own properties overseasMore locals will also buy mass market privateresidential properties as resale HDB has becomeless popular. Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  10. 10. 9. The Government wants a ‘Sustainable Growth’(Take out the article about the new government measures)Show that The Government measures are to curb the speculativebuying and no where in the article was the government quoted assaying that the price will go down or that the government istrying to bring the price down. The government wants the priceto grow more organically or naturally, but the key is still growthDont you agree Mr. Tan?Buyer: Yes Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  11. 11. 10. Natural Forces will Prevail Over Artificial Measures Over TimeThis is not the first time we have anti-speculation measures inplace but overall the prices today are still higher right?There are fundamentals and natural forces in placeWith all things in place in a country like Singapore. Mr Tan,base on all the analysis and facts, what do you think willhappen to the property prices in Singapore?Buyer: Increase!Salesperson: Exactly, come lets do the right thing... Okay? Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy
  12. 12. Last and Most Definitely Not LeastClosing has very little to do with the closingIts about your presentationYour presentation determines if they ‘fall inlove’ with your property or notIf they are not ‘in love’, you cannot close themLearn to master a presentation that will makwpeople ‘fall in love’. Copyright ColinTan Training & Consultancy