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Ignite Talk on School of Open I gave for the MacArthur Digital Media Learning (DML) Conference 2014. Recording at

Title: How “Open” is Transforming Communities

Abstract: I’m going to talk about how “open” can change lives in unexpected ways. For example, who ever that that open resources could bring running water to a rural school in Kenya? (

Or science skills to remote island kids off the east coast of China? (

This is the power of “open”, which has been demonstrated time ( and time again ( These online courses, training programs, and projects are started up by passionate volunteers all around the world as part of the School of Open (, and they are changing lives. The School of Open (SOO) is a community of volunteers focused on providing free education opportunities on the meaning, application, and impact of “openness” in the digital age and its benefit to creative endeavors, education, research, and more. Anyone can join. I’ll provide incentives and quick list of ways the audience can partake, and to come talk to me after the talk or at the DML cafe session.

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  • School of Open Kenya Initiative, which is an after school training program for high school students that teaches them how to take full advantage of the Internet and open educational resources to achieve their goals. One of these goals was to figure out how to install showers in their school gym – so they wouldn’t have to carry water in from the well everyday.
  • Ran a summer camp there last year to teach kids about all the things they could do with open educational resources, including the ability to find, remix, and share videos and other resources about their science experiments.
  • I guess the point I’m trying to make is that there’s a lot of free stuff out there on the Internet and a many open movements associated with them. But it doesn’t matter if no one makes practical use of these resources to make their lives better because A) they don’t know about them or B) they don’t know how to use them.
  • This is where the School of Open comes in. We want to bridge that gap – give that kid a stool so he can reach that door handle. The School of Open is primarily a community volunteers. We are from all around the world, of all different ages, and have expertise in fields from copyright to scientific data to preserving our cultural heritage to open educational resources.-----The School of Open is primarily a community of volunteers. They are from all around the world, of all different ages, and. The one common thread among all of us is that we are passionate about openness, open tools like Creative Commons licenses that enable free sharing online, open resources, like the free lecture videos available via MIT Opencourseware, and open ways or methods of working, such as collaborative, peer run workshops that flip the traditional conference model on its head. The community, the volunteers who are running online courses, creating resources, running workshops and after school training programs, is the heart of the School of Open.
  • And that’s what ended up happening. As you can see, we’ve expanded our offerings to Openness in many sectors, including education. This is open advocate David Wiley’s course transported to P2PU that is set up as self-paced modules that anyone can take at any time.
  • This is another self-paced set of modules that walks participants through how to find, use, and teach with the open resources they find online. The School of Open offers these self-paced or stand-alone type of courses in addition to the ones we facilitate. The common thread through all of courses and programs is that we help people do what they already do BETTER with the aid of open resources and tools.
  • So if that type of active learning and teaching interests you, here’s how YOU can get involved! If you remember ONE thing from this talk, remember our web address! That has links to our Google Group, our announcements list for course and program launches, and more info about everything we are doing. You can also email me directly of course – I’m always down to chat!
  • And because I work for Creative Commons, I can’t end this talk without telling you that this slide deck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license, which means that anyone is free to reuse, remix and redistribute it – even for commercial purposes – as long as you give credit to Creative Commons. -----Please keep in mind that Creative Commons and the double C in a circle are registered trademarks of Creative Commons in the United States and other countries. Third party marks and brands are the property of their respective holders.
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