Designing a P2PU School of Webcraft Challenge


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I led a working session on designing a Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) School of Webcraft challenge at Mobility Shifts.

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Designing a P2PU School of Webcraft Challenge

  1. 1. 30
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 1] Overview of P2PU & School of Webcraft (SoW)2] Research questions?3] How to make a SoW challenge? What makes agood SoW challenge? <example>5] Design your own challenge6] Share/discuss
  4. 4. Social, Organizational, Accreditation Licenses Content Internet
  5. 5. Text
  6. 6. * new way to teach & learn web developer skills* our goal: a vibrant, peer-led system that helpspeople around the world easily access and buildcareers on open web technology
  7. 7. * the problem: developer certification that’sexpensive, out of touch, and out of reach* the solution: peer learning on demand, poweredby you, me & (almost) everyone we know
  8. 8. Questions?Research Q’s?
  9. 9. Write down something you would like to teach or impart to others.(It doesn’t have to be related to webdevelopment; it can be anything that interests you!)
  10. 10. <example> fromWeb 200: Anatomy of a Request“Draw how the Internet works.”
  11. 11. What makes this agood or bad School of Webcraft challenge?
  12. 12. ✓ simple setup, complex problem✓ having clear goals✓ having a “need to know”✓ assessment is embedded?✓ risk-taking & exploration?✓ sense of agency?✓ many solutions to the same problem✓ fun and replayability
  13. 13. What is this challenge missing?
  14. 14. Some things to keep in mind:What’s the goal of the challenge? * What’s the benefit to learners? * What are they making? *
  15. 15. Discuss:* Does this approach work for other fields besidesweb development?* What scaffolding/support/mentorship is neededto help users work through the challenges (wewant this to be "social" learning)?
  16. 16. Image credits:P2PU School of Webcraft posterCC BY-SA ( (“Web 200 Assignment: Draw the Internet” imagesCC BY-SA ( / P2PU (“How to make a School of Webcraft Challenge in 10 Steps” concept &poster by Chloe Varelidi (
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