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Creative Commons for K-12 Educators - Week 5 meetup


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Slides from Week 5's virtual meet-up for Creative Commons for K-12 Educators, part of School of Open:

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Creative Commons for K-12 Educators - Week 5 meetup

  1. 1. Webinar Interface OrientationWhiteboardChattype in here and press returnList of participantsTalk – click talk button to start talkingclick it again to relinquishRaise hand to stop speaker and makea comment or ask a question
  2. 2. 1. Course progress2. Share remixes3. Questions4. Mission 1 (due this Sun)5. Mission 2 (due Sun April 28)Week 5
  3. 3. Yay!
  4. 4. Your remixes
  5. 5.  Link to source Original work in publicdomain so no need to noteCC license Notice of license andcreator for remixed work? Simplify by hyperlinking“Leonardo da Vinci”? Maybe mention thatoriginal work is in publicdomain
  6. 6.  Link to source License name Link to license? Notice of how the original work was modified? Notice of license & creator for remixed work?
  7. 7.  List of credits at end of video Specific CC license + link for a resource? Webpage with attributions so people can followlinks? CC licenses for other resources used
  8. 8.  Author License name Link to license? Link to specific resource? Notice of how the original workwas modified? Notice of license & creator forremixed work
  9. 9. Revisedattribution
  10. 10. Questions? Feedback?
  11. 11. 1. Publish your remixed resource.2. Bonus: Teach it to your class.Mission due this Sunday
  12. 12. 1. Create a resource about CreativeCommons!2. Bonus: Create with your students.Mission due Sun April 28
  13. 13.  Flyer Slides Video Webcast Tutorial
  14. 14. 1. Post in Disqus for that week2. Tweet @cc4k123. Private Q’s:janepark@creativecommons.orgQuestions during the week
  15. 15. • Join this pad to ask questions: week @this time = Officehours
  16. 16. Please attribute Creative Commons with a link tohttp://creativecommons.orgCreative Commons and the double C in a circle are registeredtrademarks of Creative Commons in the United States and othercountries. Third party marks and brands are the property of theirrespective holders.