All about teak


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All about teak

  1. 1. All about TeakFurniture at home should be carefully chosen. It is very importantto know what furniture would best fit your home. The factors thatyou need to consider includes the theme of your home, yourpreference, the comfort that you want and even your budget. Youshould also consider or decide whether you want furniture thatwould last long or you want a disposable one. Especially for youroutdoor furniture, you really need to decide carefully. Well, if youwant to have a set of outdoor furniture that would surely last longerthan you can imagine, then you should consider outdoor teakfurniture. This outdoor teak furniture is truly durable and strong.You can just leave any outdoor teak furniture outside your homeswithout worrying of being damaged. Surely, outdoor teak furniturecan stand any outside element. The most common outdoor teakfurniture pieces are the teak benches, teak chairs, and teak table.Teak table are usually found in dining areas, however, during hotsummer days, people would prefer to dine outside, so teak tablecould also be great for outdoor living. Teak table comes in differentsize that could accommodate different family sizes. If you are fondof throwing parties and gatherings in your backyard, you can haveteak table. If you want some stylish outdoor teak furniture, you candefinitely have teak table.Outdoor teak furniture requires less maintenance and littleprotection from outside factors. This outdoor teak furniture is lessprone to mites and other pests. You do not also need to worry ifyour outdoor teak furniture is exposed to water because teak woodis very resilient to water. Teak table is also durable and can supportheavy objects if built properly. Teak table varies in designs andstyles. You can surely choose the best design that would fit yourpreference.
  2. 2. Although outdoor teak furniture requires less maintenance as I saidearlier, outdoor teak furniture should also be taken care of.Especially the teak table where your family shares the food, teaktable should be maintained clean.In cleaning teak table, you can just wipe it with damp cloth withsoap and water. As I said, no need to worry about the water gettinginto your teak furniture, they can handle it. Okay, after wiping offthe dust and dirt build ups in your teak table, you can let it dryunder the natural sun. If you own teak furniture, you may noticethat it grow old, its color changes. But don’t worry, only the colorchanges, the endurance and durability remains intact. So, inpreserving the fresh honey color of teak table, you can apply colorenhancer, sealants and oils to your furniture. But if you want tomaintain the aged look which is also elegant if oil is applied, youcan do so. After applying oils and sealants, let it dry again under thenatural sun.