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Trabajo ingles practico


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Trabajo ingles practico

  2. 2. MY HOUSE My house is a dettached house. It is white and has two terraces. There is a bedroom, one dining room and a living room, There are four toilets, one garden and one kitchen. My living room is big, it has got a television, a table and 5 chairs and one sofa. My bedroom has got one tv, one little table, one desk, one bed, one Xbox 360, and one wardrobe.
  3. 3. MY FAMILY
  4. 4. MY PARENT My father is tall and his hair is dark. He is clever and funny. He is 48 years old.
  5. 5. MY MOTHER My mother is short and her hair is long and blonde. She is funny and friendly. She is 47 years old.
  6. 6. MY SISTER My sister is tall and thin.Her hair is long and dark. She is clever and friendly. She is 25 years old.
  7. 7. I I am funny and friendly. My hair is short and brown. I am 13 years old
  8. 8. THE END