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Menager H - Mobyle web framework: new features


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Presentation at BOSC2012 by Menager H - Mobyle web framework: new features

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Menager H - Mobyle web framework: new features

  1. 1. Mobyle Web Framework: New Features Hervé Ménager, Bertrand Néron,Vivek Gopalan, Jie Li and Yentram Huyen BOSC 2012, Long Beach, July 14th
  2. 2. What is Mobyle
  3. 3. Easy command line tool integration: BMID
  4. 4. BMID
  5. 5. BMID
  6. 6. Easy pipeline design and execution with BMPS
  7. 7. BMIDBMPS
  8. 8. Visualization/Edition Widgets
  9. 9. Edition and chaining
  10. 10. Export snapshots
  11. 11. Roadmap● Edition widgets: Mobyle 1.0.5+, May 2012● BMID● BMPS Mobyle 1.5, September 2012Availability $apt-get install mobyle
  12. 12. AcknowledgementsNIAID: BMID and BMPS developmentNick WeberRamandeep KaurJanet HeJennifer DommerGenOuest: packaging effort and more...Olivier Sallou Questions ?