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Liberty Tax Testimonial


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Delivering qualified, motivated franchise candidates across the U.S. and Canada to Liberty Tax using social media franchise recruiting managed by CareerBuilder.

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Liberty Tax Testimonial

  1. 1. Franchise Company Profile By using CareerBuilder’s Social Liberty Tax provides computerized income tax preparation, electronic filing and refund loans. Audit assistance and free Media Management services, 1.1 review of income tax returns are also part of Liberty's commitment to service. The Liberty Tax Service franchise opportunity million people interacted with is #9 on the fastest growing franchises list of the 2010 Entrepreneur “Franchise 500.” The company’s business model is appealing to a diverse America and many who are looking for more control of their destinies during a tough economy. Liberty Tax’s brand on CareerBuilder. Company Situation Liberty Tax needed to open 250 new locations for the 2010 tax season. CareerBuilder Solutions CareerBuilder came to Liberty Tax with a 6 month comprehensive franchise lead generation plan that included Social Media Brand Management, Source and Screen, Creative Design Services and training 120 of their Area Developers on CareerBuilder’s Resume Database. The custom design service included a digital franchise magazine which delivered an informative, professional online magazine that is saving Liberty Tax money on printing and mail costs. Liberty Tax also leveraged social media by having CareerBuilder monitor their Facebook page – allowing an area for customers, employees and fans to connect. Now with over 2,600 fans, Liberty Tax has created a contest on Facebook to become their next spokesperson, added job opportunities, and most importantly generated enough leads to exceed their goal of opening 250 new franchise locations by 100! Finally, Liberty Tax used Source & Screen to screen the leads based on Liberty Tax’s criteria and delivered only the most qualified. Results Achieved As a result of utilizing CareerBuilder proposed lead generation plan, Liberty Tax recognized these outstanding results: Exceeded goal of 250 locations by 100 Over 1.1 million people interacted with their brand on CareerBuilder Overachieved 2009 sales goals and opened 350 new franchise locations Ratio of candidates to new franchises improved greatly which is a testament to the high quality of candidates CareerBuilder provides “We exceeded our sales goals this year with 19,000 fewer leads which is a testament to the quality of candidates that CareerBuilder delivered to us. This helped make our sales team more efficient as we could focus our time on those individuals that were interested and ready to invest in a business.” – David Tarr, VP Franchise Development/Liberty Tax For more information on how can positively affect your business, call your Account Representative or (877) Fill-A-Job today.