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People Planner Plus Brochure 3.0[1]


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People Planner Plus Brochure 3.0[1]

  1. 1. project resource planning time planning registrationmaconomy people planner plusfor organisations that want to reap the benefits of an integratedresource management and time registration solution
  2. 2. your challenges ?Are you looking for a way to increase resource utilisation rates and ensuretimely and accurate time registration?Without accurate time tracking, it can be difficult to monitor and follow upon project progress, forecast revenue and maximise resource utilisation,all of which are critical factors in running an effective organisation.People Planner enables you to abandon local spreadsheetsor stand-alone solutions for resource planning in favour ofan integrated solution for resource scheduling, timeregistration and project planning. Do you know if you have the right people with the right skills on board to deliver the projects in your portfolio, and are their expected load and utilisation rates satisfactory? Do you have access to live data and resource plans in one instant overview. Do your employees record time directly on projects and tasks so that you don’t have to collect project progress data from disparate systems manually for project status meetings? Do you have access to project data so that you can follow up on With People Planner budget/estimates, plans and progress/actuals, and can you we now have full spot overruns in time to act?real-time insight into ourresource plans. This way Do you have full visibility into project information so that you canwe know exactly who is monitor and prioritise your project portfolio and utilise yourworking on which tasks – people, time and costs efficiently?and when.Annemieke Blank, Traffic and OperationsManager LBi Lost Boys Holland 2
  3. 3. our solution! The overall idea and scope of the People Planner solution is great – it’s a tool of genius. Knut Brotnow, IT Manager, The Norwegian Opera & Ballet We have optimised the allocation of our core competences so we use them on the right projects. Of course this will have a positive effect on the bottom line. Carl Vad Jensen, CFO Atkins Denmark We can now forecast the allocation and workload of our resources for weeks, months or years into the future. Terje Gabrielsen, CFO and Chief of Staff Thales Norway People Planner has given us the flexibility to assign the right people to the right projects, which makes our job a lot easier. Naaf Hoekstra, Planner LBi Lost Boys Holland Maconomy People Planner has helped us increase our average billing percentage per employee, which has a direct impact on our bottom line. Chief Project Officer Jens Erik Knudsen, CDM A/STo read our case studies go
  4. 4. full visibility of your resourcesIncrease utilisation rates Tighter planningImagine knowing who is doing what at any given time. What if your and control can helpdepartment and project managers could monitor the load and increase our resourceavailability of people when planning projects and allocating resources? utilisation by several percent over a period ofIf you have a clear picture of your resource situation, you can reduce therisk of lost profits caused by under-utilising resources that could have six months, and that willbeen assigned to profitable activities. help us offset the effects of business contractions.People Planner provides a real-time overview of resource availability. You Jon Mostyn, Worldwide Business Consulting Director Hill & Knowltoncan monitor availability, load, utilisation, and revenue of all employees.Resource manager/Resource planner• iew the skills, capacity and expected load of your employees V• lan your resources while viewing availability P• etect the need for specific skills in future projects D• void capacity shortages and overbooking A• iew capacity and workload on a daily, weekly or long-term basis V• pread the workload evenly to increase employee satisfaction S• pprove employee time sheets A• se the Outlook-like scheduler for planning U Resource managers get a clear overview of their people and what they are assigned to 4
  5. 5. accurate time registration will bring increasedcontrol and profitability It is now more visible Improve time registration and visible at an Imagine being able to register your time directly on the project or taskearly stage of a project that you are working on.when people are behind Being able to quickly and accurately capture the time you use ison submitting timesheets.Hans Wolfhagen, Director of Business crucial for increasing the number of hours being accounted for andOperations Technia subsequently invoiced. When project managers can follow up on project progress and evaluate the estimate to completion directly against the baseline, the overall accuracy of project control will improve. Employee • ngoing time registration on tasks and project deliverables O • iew your project assignments and scheduled plans in a browser V • earch for projects and tasks and assign yourself to them S • se Outlook as your interface for planning U (fully integrated with People Planner)Time sheets are filled in, in an intuitive web-based front-end and are automatically prefilled with the projectsyou are assigned to 5
  6. 6. leveraging the right talents on your projectsPlan your projects efficiently In the perfectImagine that project plans are no longer based on “guesstimates”. What world resourceif you could base your resource requests directly on project plans and management shouldestimates? be an integrated part of project management,In People Planner you can use a full work breakdown structure to dividelarge projects into phases and tasks. You can assign the right people and Maconomy Peopleto the right tasks on the spot because you can search for the needed Planner has given us thatskills and view their availability while assigning resources. This gives your opportunity.Project Managers much better project control. Henrik Kaltoft, Head of Department Atkins DenmarkProject manager• reate estimates and set the baseline for project budgets C• lan projects graphically with drag-and-drop planning bars P• iew availability while assigning resources V• se multi-level work breakdown structure to divide large projects U into phases• pprove time registrations on the project A• onitor project progress based on actuals and plans against baseline M Project Managers have full project planning functionality and views to support project control based on actual time registrations 6
  7. 7. ensuring that daily management anddecision-making are based on facts Maconomy offered Secure visibility across your organisation an integrated Imagine having a visual, intuitive and transparent resource overviewsolution for project across your organisation. What if your resource pool and project portfoliocontrolling, resource could be accessed by senior, department and project managers as well as employees in real-time?allocation, reporting andplanning that we couldn’t When you have one integrated solution that supports everybody in yourfind anywhere else organisation in their project planning and resource-related work, you canTerje Gabrielsen, CFO and Chief of Staff increase profitability.Thales Norway People Planner enables you to abandon local spreadsheets for resource planning and disparate time registration tools in favour of an integrated resource management and time registration solution. Senior management • iew revenue forecasts based on all project and resource bookings V • ompany-wide overview of resource capacity and load C • onitor profitability and utilisation by company, department, etc. M • rag and drop columns to analyse figures D The solution offers graphical reporting to get corporate overviews of resource situations using graphical tools equal to Excel 7
  8. 8. modules Maconomy People Planner Maconomy Time Sheets Maconomy AnalytiX Reportingorganic business solutionsMaconomy is a global provider of ERP business solutions forProfessional Services organisations. The fully integrated solution incorporates financial management, project management, timeregistration, resource planning, CRM, HR and business intelligence for profitable results.As a recommended provider to Professional Services organisations worldwide, Maconomy has focused exclusively on this sector for morethan 20 years. This has given Maconomy unique insight into the best-practice processes of these organisations. Maconomy has createdproven results for a wide range of international clients, including TNS, Devoteam, Semcon, ErgoGroup, Deltares and Rambøll, as well as all of the three biggest global marketing communications networks and fourof the Big Five global accounting firms.Maconomy is listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have offices across Northern Europe and in the U.S. as well as an extensive network of business partners, enabling us to service and support around 600 clients in more than 50countries worldwide.For more information, please Copyright and Trademarks: © 2010 Maconomy A/S. All rights reserved. All product names and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.