Enterprise Solutions For Professional Service Organizations


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Enterprise Solutions For Professional Service Organizations

  1. 1. Enterprise Solutionsfor ProfessionalServicesOrganisations deltek.com
  2. 2. 04 Business pains 05 Client gains 07 Sharpen your business with industry-focused solutions 08 Your business processes and how we support them 10 Our services 11 About DeltekEnterprise Know more. Do more.Solutions forProfessionalServicesOrganisations deltek.com
  3. 3. 04 Enterprise Solutions for Professional Services Organisations Business painsKnow more. In any professional services firm, For decades, we have providedDo more. certain factors are critical to the enterprise solutions that deliver the overall success of the business. If the actionable insight, clarity, and control,Profit more. objectives related with these factors which professional services firms are not achieved, the organisation need to drive their business forward. stands little chance of success. This collaboration has given us in- depth knowledge of the professional services space, and enables us to provide expert advice to help you know more and do more. Getting the right clients on board, and improving profitability on each client Leveraging and growing your talents Spotting under- and over-utilisation in time to act Being in control of project deadlines and deliverables, and having full visibility of project profitability Balancing your portfolio of products and services proactively Capturing and sharing knowledge across your business Freeing up working capital from your operations Having efficient internal processes to ensure that you can do more Ensuring that daily management and decision-making are based on facts
  4. 4. Enterprise Solutions for Professional Services Organisations 05Client gains“Deltek’s solutions drive near ”Deltek’s enterprise solutions allow Know more.real-time visibility into how our us to share competencies and Do more.company is performing. This leads facilitate international cooperation. Grow more.to better, more proactive business We believe that by selecting anddecisions. All in all, the solutions recommending Deltek, we have laidadd tremendous value for our the foundation for further growthorganisation.” and collaboration.”Bret Tushaus, Director of Information Christophe Merckens, CIO for DevoteamTechnology with Eppstein Uhen Architects “It was an easy decision for us to“Essentially, the project management turn to Deltek for our new resourcesoftware has integrated all of our management solution. We alreadycritical project, client and contact had a good working relationship withinfo into a single database.” Deltek, and we knew they wouldConnie Haakinson, Operations Administrator come up with a strong resourcefor Durrant management solution that would be closely integrated with the rest of our service value chain.””Deltek’s enterprise solutions have Annemieke Blank, Traffic & Operationsbeen one of the major factors Manager, LBi Lost Boysallowing our employees to increasefocus on profitability and workingcapital.”Flemming Bligaard Pedersen, CEO for Rambøll
  5. 5. Enterprise Solutions for Professional Services Organisations 07Sharpen your businesswith industry-focusedsolutionsDeploy best-practice processes At Deltek we are privileged to work with some of To prepare yourMany Professional Services companies have the very best professional services businesses company for futuretrimmed their operations significantly over the in the world. Those with the best-run practices.last few years. At a time when every cent must Deltek has delivered successful enterprise growth and efficientbe spent wisely and meticulously accounted solutions to thousands of Professional Services workflows, makefor, it is critical that your business has the right businesses across the world for almost three sure you invest intools at hand. decades. It’s the only thing we do – it’s what To sharpen your business, it is crucial that defines us. We are, ourselves, a Professional an industry-specificyou deploy an enterprise solution uniquely Services business. enterprise solutiondesigned for your industry. Your solution should customised for yourhave the laser focus you need to run your Sharpen your businessbusiness according to the best practices of To prepare your business for future growth particular industry.your industry. and efficient workflows, make sure you invest in an industry-specific enterprise solution > Read more.Know more, do more customised for your particular industry. deltek.com/industriesThe professional services industry is facing Professional Services organisationsincreasing pressures in areas like client and need a scalable, efficient and industryproject profitability, cash flow efficiency, specific enterprise solution to strengthenclient demand for full transparency into every the brainpower and creativity on which theyhour invoiced, and smooth integration of were originally founded. That will provide youracquisitions. company with the necessary laser focus to This requires a new level of control and up- sharpen your business – now and in the future.to-the-minute, fact-based decision-making.And this drives the need for you to deploy thebest-practice processes of your industry –supported by information technology.When you know more aboutyour business you can domore with your business.
  6. 6. 08 Enterprise Solutions for Professional Services Organisations Your business processes and how we support them“With increased focus Win more Optimise moreon getting hours billed Sales managers know which clients deliver your HR managers can support the individual career bottom line, and which ones do not. This helps development of your entire staff through anas soon as possible, them focus on bringing you the right business. auditable, controlled HR process that trackswe were pleased to Sales reps can easily quote for new business goal setting, skills development and results.see that in April, 100% in the context of past pricing and business This promotes a culture of high performance performance, and they know what it costs and accountability.of hours was invoiced you to win the business you get. Up-to-date Resource managers can match yourin the current month. résumés of any employee can be pulled long-term project pipeline against yourNot only does this automatically and attached to quotes – easily planned capacity and collective skill set, to and effectively. effectively support your strategic and tacticalimprove our cash Account managers can track all ongoing recruiting, subcontracting and organisationalflow, it also makes activities on their clients across departments, development.our monthly revenue or even across business units. This helps improve both client service and internalfigures more accurate coordination.as they are based onactual billed hours.” ManageHans Wolfhagen, Director Win Optimise Deliver Know andof Business Operations, more more more control moreTechnia more
  7. 7. Enterprise Solutions for Professional Services Organisations 09Deliver more Your entire organisation will benefit from “We save manyProject and Account managers can control efficient back-office processes that effectively administrative hoursproject progress and financials by unifying support your business with seamless workflowsall key elements of project governance with between front-office and back-office staff. You every month, get ourfinancial project control. They can proactively will also have full control of your key audit and money from clientsmanage project deadlines, and effectively track access controls. much faster, andproject changes to secure high margins. They No matter if you are a company of 50always know actuals versus project estimates, employees without a dedicated IT staff, or a have fewer write-offsand as they know best which items are ready for global operation with 20,000 employees, you on clients due toinvoicing, they can initiate the process as early can effectively scale your Deltek solutions to the improvementsas possible. match your changing business needs. Project managers can suggest staffing of made to our invoicingprojects based on a view of skills and workload Know more process.”across the entire organisation. Resource Business managers can get an overview ofmanagers can spot under- and over-utilisation their business areas and service portfolios Louis Trad, Regionalin time to act. They can smooth out resource by tracking KPIs and capturing important Finance Director, Leodeployment across business units and projects information about revenue splits, profits and Burnett MENAto improve efficiency of your staff, and save key initiatives. They can then strategicallymoney on contractors. develop new service initiatives to help grow All this improves project profitability and your business.thereby your bottom line. Through increased collaboration and knowledge sharing, Business and LineManage and Control more managers can help streamline the business,Project and Finance managers can reduce and leverage past success to improve yourthe time from delivery to cash collection, and business both when it comes to your financesmatch vendor payables with client receivables and your know-how.to free up working capital. Finance managers can pull an accuratecompany P&L at any time to consolidate allongoing project finances, including real-timeWIP. With full insight into project data theycan also reconcile accounts payable againstthe appropriate project, which helps ensureaccurate project P&Ls.
  8. 8. 10 Enterprise Solutions for Professional Services Organisations Our services“We were actually able Consulting services Deltek Universityto go live a few weeks At Deltek, our goal is to deliver the best One of the most important indicators of the software solutions designed specifically for success of a software implementation is theahead of schedule Professional Services organisations. Meeting ability of employees to readily adapt to newand 25 percent under that goal requires more than just delivering products and processes.budget – a very rare unrivalled software to better manage project Education is the foundation for building resources and project results. the necessary knowledge and skills to achieveoccurrence in our line After all, great software applied poorly this goal. Deltek University provides educationof business!” doesn’t help you achieve your business goals. to maximise your Deltek investment, and Success requires that we also cultivate the minimise project risk. We have over twoMez Corfield, Financial right level of expertise to help you apply that decades of experience of providing consistent,Controller, The Red Brick software in the most appropriate ways for your high quality education, with a commitment toRoad industry and company-specific needs. make you successful. > deltek.com/services • Implement solutions faster at reduced cost • Mitigate project and business risks“Deltek’s consultants Customer Care • Decrease support costs with faster Effective and reliable customer care can make acceptance among usersreally understand all the difference in your ability to compete • Achieve operational excellence and growthour business. They effectively and grow your business.know precisely what At Deltek we realise that our successwe need, and during is mutual. Deltek’s experienced support > deltek.com/university personnel, with more than two decades ofthe implementation industry and client-side experience, utiliseprocess, unexpected Deltek’s advanced diagnostic tools andchanges are handled proven support procedures to identify and isolate issues quickly, so that your systems arewell. The consultants consistently operating at high availability withare gold for us.” minimal disruption.Anni Sørensen, Financial > deltek.com/customercareDirector, envision
  9. 9. Enterprise Solutions for Professional Services Organisations 11About DeltekDeltek (Nasdaq: PROJ) is the leading global provider of enterprise software and information World Headquarters:solutions for professional services firms, government contractors, and government agencies. United StatesFor decades, we have delivered actionable insight that empowers our customers to unlock their 13880 Dulles Corner Lnbusiness potential. Over 14,500 organisations and 1.8 million users in approximately 80 countries Herndon, VA 20171around the world rely on Deltek to research and identify opportunities, win new business, optimise 800.456.2009resources, streamline operations, and deliver more profitable projects.Deltek – Know more. Do more.® Regional Offices: AustraliaCustomers Tel: +61 8 8112 1200Our customers range in size from small businesses to very large enterprises, and represent a widerange of industries including professional services, government contractors and government Belgiumagencies. The strength of our customer service, and the quality of our customer base is Tel: +32 (0) 2 709 2191demonstrated by the fact that approximately three-fourths of our license revenue is generatedfrom existing customers. A sample list of our customers includes: Denmark Tel: +45 35 27 79 00• Architecture/Engineering – Arcadis, Eppstein Uhen, HOK, Hill International, R.J. Burnside, TKDA, URS Nederland Tel: +31 (0)20 347 3080• Government Contracting/A&D – Boeing, BAE Systems, CACI, Camber Corporation, CSC, CTC, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin, Orbital, SAIC, Teledyne Brown Engineering Norway• Project Manufacturing – AGT, Magneti Marelli, Northrop Grumman, Sperry Marine, Teledyne Tel: +47 22 01 38 00 Scientific & Imaging, Telephonics Corporation• Consulting – ACI, Bearing Point, Durrant, Optimation Technology, The Pragma Corp., SRA Sweden International, Unisys Tel: +46 (0)8 587 077 00• Nonprofit – The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, National Democratic Institute, RTI International United Kingdom 1 Warwick Row• PR/Marketing – Hill & Knowlton, Millward Brown, Ogilvy, Omnicom Group, Leo Burnett MENA Tel: +44 (0)20 7518 5010• Accounting – Deloitte, Grant Thornton, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RGL Forensics 70 London Road Tel: +44 (0)20 8843 7000 deltek.com info@deltek.com
  10. 10. © 2011 Deltek, Inc. All rights reserved. All referenced trademarksare the property of their respective owners. 042011 Global v1 deltek.com