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Deltek Maconomy
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Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management Brochure

  1. 1. Professional ServicesDeltek MaconomyBusiness PerformanceManagementBetter decisions throughtrusted and timely information
  2. 2. 02 Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management Your challenges.Know more. Does this sound familiar? If you’re facing these or similar challenges in your own organization, you’re not alone.Do more. Many professional services organizations areSolve more. “It’s hard to make decisions because challenged to effectively use the information they collect every day about people, time, projects, our information is outdated and clients, or financial results. Consider: inaccurate. I need numbers now, and I need them to be correct.” • Information is often spread across a number of disconnected systems, each containing different versions of redundant information. “Our meetings are full of confusion You can’t trust the numbers. and disagreement because everyone You need consistent information, all in one place. brings a different set of the same data– nothing matches, and we don’t • Financial results and other key measurements know which numbers to rely on.” aren’t calculated until the books are closed after the project has ended- and accessible only in confusing, hard-to-find reports. You’re “It’s hard to make sense of the always looking behind, never ahead. information. We’re stuck with You need current status of the areas you care complex reports that are too detailed, most about, in a format you can understand- any time you want it. or high level charts that don’t tell the whole story. We can’t tailor • Reports are cumbersome to develop, and information for the level and skill of nearly impossible to modify. Each unique each decision-maker.” question needs a unique report– all of which have to be developed & distributed by Finance or, worse, IT. You can’t get precise answers to “Waiting two weeks for IT to produce your individual questions. a report for my specific questions You need a reporting & analysis approach that’s so easy, decision-makers can self- doesn’t really help me solve a problem service their own queries. I have today. I wish I could answer all my questions…. myself.” • Reports– when finally developed– are too rigid, and can’t adapt when the question changes. You can’t easily modify reports “We can’t see issues until they’ve based on dimensions like service line, client, become large problems. By then, department, or even time-of-year. it’s too late– we need visibility to You need a reporting structure that’s easy to use, yet flexible so reports are easy to modify. respond now.”
  3. 3. Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management 03Our solution.Deltek Maconomy Business A single business intelligence Learn more .Performance Management unifies solution of integrated live reporting, critical business data into a single dashboards, and ad-hoc analysis maconomybusinessintelligenceenvironment that brings knowledge transforms users at all levels into& insight to decision-makers at all informed, knowledgeable decision-levels. Information is consistent so makers across the’s trusted, up-to-date so it’s current, Unlike complex analytical toolsand available on-demand so users get or rigid predefined reports, theit when & how they want it. Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management engaging user experience quickly delivers information self-service that’s powerful enough for a business analyst, yet easy enough for executives, managers, or even front- line resources.
  4. 4. 04 Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management DashboardsUsers gain foresight to Deltek Maconomy Dashboards to the user. Highly visual snapshots displayedquickly and easily correct help users across the organization in charts and graphs make information easy to interpret, so status is immediately clear. Yetslight project delays monitor status of key performance unlike static charts or graphs produced in Excel™or address unplanned measurements for their group or or other reporting tools, Deltek Maconomyexpenses– long before these department. Dashboards stay connected to the data– so users can quickly link from dashboards to more detailedbecome issues that require Dashboards are tailored to display information reports, easily explore the reasons behindharsh reactions. that is relevant and meaningful for each role – like problem areas, and take corrective action. profit & cash flow information for Finance, project Preconfigured dashboards can be deployed or job status for Project Management, or pipeline immediately, or easily modified to meet the and revenue for Business Development. diverse needs of users across departments or While other reporting solutions might require locations, at all levels of the organization. experts to format data so it’s meaningful, Deltek Maconomy Dashboards deliver understandable information on-demand– immediately available The pre-configured, best practice dashboards provide business users with a simple visual overview of their business area.
  5. 5. Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management 05ReportingDeltek Maconomy Reporting delivers the best of both worlds– a separate reporting Personal folders givea reporting environment designed environment designed for performance and users easy access to their efficiency, yet synchronized with live data sofor responsive performance, best- reports are always current and accurate. personalized reports.practice reports, and flexibility. Deltek Maconomy Reporting delivers the Reports that need to be structure of predefined report templates, produced regularly can be Deltek Maconomy Reporting brings the designed specifically to answer the commonly-performance and efficiency necessary for high- asked, repeatable questions we’ve identified from scheduled for automatedvolume reporting environments that have a high nearly 30 years of focus on professional services distribution. There’s nevernumber of users or a large amount of reports. organizations. More than 100 report templates a worry about outdatedOther reporting solutions may try to execute are available, spanning the needs of the entirecomplex reports or to service a large user base organization. Yet our experience has shown that information– Deltekby reporting against the transaction database. each user has unique needs– so each report is Maconomy Reporting’sBut a database not designed for comprehensive flexible for users to modify by editing queries, or advanced reporting enginereporting is risky– complex report queries can by adjusting layout and design. Users can evencause slow performance, impacting other users schedule reports for periodic distribution, such as automatically updates thetrying to control projects, retrieve financials, or weekly or monthly, via the Maconomy application data each time the reportsmanage clients. Deltek Maconomy Reporting is or though integration to e-mail. are sent. Already designed for the typical reporting needs of most organizations, the library of pre- defined, best-practice reports is ready to use immediately. As well, each report template can be personalized to meet specific requirements– at the organization, department, or even user level.
  6. 6. 06 Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management Ad-Hoc AnalysisSuppose a user is seeking Complex problems require deep on IT, as users across the organization can nowto plan projects or estimate analysis– which may mean a series of immediately self-service their information needs. Information is extracted from the structurerevenue for the upcoming unique and highly detailed questions of the transaction database, and organized foryear. Access to the trusted to get to the “why” behind the “what.” deep analysis. Users can easily establish evendata source brings users complex queries to join information into nearly Because a decision-maker’s information any context, along dimensions such as client,the detailed information needs go beyond the straightforward status business unit, service, project type– infinite waysthey need to compare this presented in dashboards, and the common to view the data, sure to bring an answer to theyear’s revenue to last year repeatable questions answered by reports, question at hand. Deltek Maconomy Analysis provides a single Heavy-use business analysts and non-and combine the data with environment of accurate, current data– along technical occasional users gain a flexible, intuitivetheir forecast. Hence, users with a structured view that guides users freely interface for easily answering their ad hoc queries.can quickly identify trends through the data, helping them explore the root A familiar, Microsoft Office™-like user experience causes and “real reasons” behind problems. puts comprehensive analysis and formattingand determine areas where Deltek Maconomy Analysis eliminates the burden capabilities right at their fingertips.added focus will driver that repeated detailed reporting requests placegreater profitability. Deltek Maconomy Analysis is a framework to guide even novice users to root causes, yet is also flexible for experts to freely explore the data using ad-hoc queries.
  7. 7. Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management 07Key CapabilitiesCollaborative Decision-Making Integration to Microsoft Office™,When groups can’t collaborate effectively around Portals & Mobile Devicesshared data, it takes many meetings, phone calls, Mobile devices, desktop tools, and portalsor e-mails to reach a decision. Conversely, when constantly blur the boundaries of youran individual makes a decision, you might never organization’s growing information environment.see the basis for his or her conclusions. Deltek Deltek Maconomy Business PerformanceMaconomy Business Performance Management Management easily adapts to your informationaddresses both these issues, enabling users to environment by supporting multiple informationcollaborate while they view shared information. delivery options and integration points. Users canThreaded discussions help users share their access and synchronize data from corporate andinsights & conclusions, and document-sharing personal sources and deliver it using Microsoftgives everyone the same view of information. Office™ applications, internal portals likeCollaboration brings users to a common context Microsoft SharePoint™, and mobile devices.& viewpoint of the data, increasing confidence inthe decisions made with the information. Secure & Cost-Effective Platform You want your critical business information managed on a business intelligence platformMultilingual Information Access that delivers leading-edge technology, trustedOrganizations are increasingly global; now you security, and world-class performance. Builtcan share crucial decision-support information on Business Objects™, Deltek Maconomyacross your services organization, accessible to Business Performance Management delivers ausers in their native language. single point of security and administration for all users. Unlike other solutions, which may use multiple technologies for each layer of reporting, monitoring, and ad-hoc analysis—leading to complex and cumbersome deployment and risky support issues—Deltek Maconomy Business Performance Management deploys quickly and reduces internal maintenance by streamlining control of each user’s security profile and data- access rights.
  8. 8. Deltek (Nasdaq: PROJ) is the leading global providerof enterprise software and information solutions forprofessional services firms and government contractors.For decades, we have delivered actionable insight thatempowers our customers to unlock their businesspotential. Over 14,500 organizations and 1.8 million usersin approximately 80 countries around the world rely onDeltek to research and identify opportunities, win newbusiness, optimize resources, streamline operations, anddeliver more profitable projects.Deltek – Know more. Do more.®© 2011 Deltek, Inc. All rights reserved. All referenced trademarksare the property of their respective owners. 092111-v1 +800.456.2009