Professional ServicesGlobal Consulting Servicesfor Professional ServicesOrganisations              
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04             Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations               Introducing Global        ...
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Deltek (Nasdaq: PROJ) is the leadingglobal provider of enterprise software andinformation solutions for professionalservic...
Deltek Enterprise Solutions for Global Consulting Professional Services Organizations
Deltek Enterprise Solutions for Global Consulting Professional Services Organizations
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Deltek Enterprise Solutions for Global Consulting Professional Services Organizations


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Deltek Enterprise Solutions for Global Consulting Professional Services Organizations

  1. 1. Professional ServicesGlobal Consulting Servicesfor Professional ServicesOrganisations
  2. 2. 04 Introducing Global Consulting Servicess 06 Implement 07 Train 08 Support 10 Optimise 11 UpgradeGlobal Consulting Services Know more.for Professional Services Do more.Organisations
  3. 3. 04 Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations Introducing Global Consulting ServicessKnow more. Our goal is to deliver outstanding Deltek Global Consulting Services helps to optimise your people, processes, andDo more. products and services designed technology allowing you to attain your specifically for Professional ServicesProfit more. desired results, as well as sustain a long-term organisations. competitive advantage in the marketplace. Partner with Deltek to: Improve your performance and advance your mission • Extend the capabilities of your chosen solutions to accommodate your unique By providing solutions that helps you enhance business practices project and resource performance while • Empower you with the knowledge and streamlining your company’s end-to-end information to maximise efficiencies and business processes, our goal is to help you ensure alignment around common goals to know more and do more. Deltek delivers • Optimise your investment for greater long these solutions by complementing our suite and short-term returns of enterprise software solutions with a rich portfolio of services including Implementation, Training, Support, Optimisation, and Upgrade services.
  4. 4. Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations 05We know your business interested in having contact with people inand your people various roles throughout your company that use and interact with your solutions. PleaseThe primary objective of the Account Manager work through your Deltek Account Managerrole is to provide quality service to you, be a to regularly ensure that we have accurateclient advocate and owner of your account, be and complete contact information for youran advisor on Deltek policies and procedures, company within our systems. This will ensureand to maintain proactive post-sales contact that we can get the right information to eachwith you in order to facilitate a positive, contact to ensure they maximise everythingproductive, long-term relationship between that Deltek and our solutions have to and Deltek. Remember, Account Managers are your It is our job and our passion to know conduit to anything Deltek!your business and your people! We are When to contact your Account Manager: • Anytime you don’t know where to turn at • You want to update your company’s contact Deltek to find an answer to your question or in the Deltek Customer Relationship concern. Your Account Manager will have Management system. the resources available to track down the contacts and the answers. • When you need help registering for Deltek Insight User Conference • When you’d like information on a new module to add to your current license • To answer any questions on Deltek User Groups • When you need to expand your license • When you have either positive or constructive • When you have a question about a Deltek feedback invoice • When you want to join the cutting edge Beta • When you have questions about new Deltek program software releases • Anytime!
  5. 5. 06 Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations Implement Maximising ROI PEAK Implementation Process Model Deltek solution implementation services Deltek’s implementation methodology isImplementation maximises the return on your investment. By based on more than 20 years of experience providing best-practice consulting and project implementing enterprise solutions in management services, we can help you quickly Professional Service Firms. The methodology implement and leverage the full capabilities of is called PEAK Implementation. your solutions. PEAK Implementation consists of a Our experienced business consultants structured process model and an elaborate deliver the skills and knowledge to promote collection of guidelines and templates end-user acceptance throughout your supporting implementations following the organisation, while helping to drive the results process model. needed to ensure success. PEAK Implementation serves as a scalable framework for implementations. This means Leveraging our implementation services can: that the processes, the themes and the tools provided by PEAK Implementation are relevant • Reduce their overall time to benefit for all types of implementations, and must be • Increase effective user adoption considered at all times, but the actual usage may be defined by project complexity, client • Mitigate the risk of implementing or ambitions, and project team experience. migrating your solution GO LIVE AND CLOSE PROJECT PREPARE ORGANISATION ESTABLISH PRODUCTION BUILD AND TEST DEFINE SOLUTION INITIATE PROJECT Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Approved Project Solution User Production Organisation Project Initiation Design Acceptance Environment Readiness Closure Direct and Manage Project
  6. 6. Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations 07TrainOne of the most important indicators Change management > Learn more.of the success of a software For organisations implementing a new Deltek solution, Deltek University can provide aimplementation is the ability of scalable, cost-effective organisational changeemployees to readily adapt to new management solution that delivers higherproducts and processes. user adoption. Because our consultants are tightly integrated with the implementation team at every project milestone, managementGive your people the information edge of just one team is needed, freeing you fromEducation is the foundation for building the overseeing external vendors and internalnecessary knowledge and skills to achieve this employees, and thus saving you significantgoal. Deltek University provides education maximise your investment and minimise From project initiation to go-live andproject risk. We have over two decades of stabilization, no one understands a Deltekexperience of providing consistent, high implementation like we do. We’ll workquality education, with a commitment to make with you to craft the right solution foryou successful. your implementation—large or small—to accommodate your exact needs at a savings• Implement solutions faster at reduced cost that comes with the benefit of an integrated team.• Mitigate project and business risks• Decrease support costs with faster The result: a successful implementation acceptance among users With Deltek University’s Organisational• Achieve operational excellence and growth Change Management approach, your leadership, management, and employees will be well-informed about the project with customised communications throughout the implementation, including the “what’s in it for me” messaging.
  7. 7. 08 Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations Support> Learn more. Effective and reliable customer care Three levels of Customer Care can make all the difference in your We provide three levels of support depending on your organisation’s requirements. ability to compete effectively and grow your project-based business. Standard Care Standard Care is designed for organisations that have less complex installation and require Discover the full value of our support minimal support assistance. It provides 24x7 offering access to online support resources, regular product updates and maintenance releases, We realise that our success is mutual. When and 8 hours of telephone product support you invest in Deltek software solutions to meet Monday through Friday. your business requirements, we know you entrust a significant part of your success to Premium Care us - and we take that very seriously. You expect Premium Care is for enterprise organisations timely, high-quality support for your mission- that require more frequent contact and critical software. When an issue arises, you provides 24x7 access to online support need to ensure productivity is maintained and resources, regular product updates and that your team has all of the tools they need to maintenance releases, and 12 hours of meet milestones on schedule. telephone product support Monday through Our experienced support personnel, with Friday. more than 20 years of industry and client-side experience, utilise our advanced diagnostic Select Care tools and proven support procedures to Select Care is for organisations requiring a identify and isolate issues quickly, so that your more personalised approach to support a systems are consistently operating at high sophisticated user-base and global enterprise availability with minimal disruption. environment. It provides additional support services including enhanced response times, increased access to our support analysts, and a dedicated Select Sr. Advisor who will proactively manage support services throughout your relationship with us.
  8. 8. 10 Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations OptimiseKnow more. Take your business to the next level PEAK Business Solution Optimisation Since you implemented your Deltek enterprise The PEAK Business Solution Optimisation isDo more. solution, your business may have changed. This a consulting service that takes you through aOptimise more. might be for internal reasons: introducing new comprehensive review of your Organisations business lines, organisational restructuring, current business solution and provides clear and/or mergers and acquisitions. Equally, recommendations on how to improve and external factors, such as new regulations, can optimise its use. have an impact on your business and thus on Based on the analysis, we can offer a your use of your business solution. detailed plan that can subsequently assist in Your Deltek solutions must grow with your the implementation of better practices. business and adapt to changing requirements if Overall, the PEAK Business Solution you are to reap its full value. Optimisation can help you to implement more Deltek Global Consulting Services taps the efficient work processes at all levels of your deepest level of project-focused expertise and business, and better operational visibility examines your business processes, application throughout your organisation. usage, reporting and more. Clients benefit from improved reporting and information-sharing, increased and advanced user adoption, and streamlined operations.
  9. 9. Global Consulting Services for Professional Services Organisations 11UpgradeAn upgrade of your Deltek solutions Improved supportis little more than a routine operation In order to ensure a high level of support, only the latest versions of Deltek solutions are fully Upgradefor our experienced business and supported. By keeping your software solutionstechnical consultants. The upgrade up-to-date, you are guaranteed a fast andprocess has been streamlined after qualified response to your support query.countless upgrades during our 20 Review of your existing solution andyears in the Professional Services recommendationsindustry, which means a minimum of During the upgrade, our business consultants thoroughly analyses your existing solution andhassle for your business. the way you do business to identify potential improvements and the optimal upgrade path. Based on this analysis, we present ourTop 5 reasons to upgrade recommendations for how you can optimise the return on your investment.Access to new product features and bestpractices Replace custom codeUpgrade your solution to gain access to Deltek’s “Best Practice” philosophy meansbusiness processes that fit your organisation that many enhancements are driven byperfectly. Deltek has kept developing its client feedback. Hence, a Deltek upgradeenterprise solutions for more than 20 years to may allow you to “clean up” your old custommake sure that our solutions grow at the same code, thereby increasing software systempace as yours. Best practices evolve over time performance and decreasing support andand we always strive to offer a fully up-dated maintenance cost.solution that reflects the smartest way to dobusiness in your particular industry segment.Ensure compatibilityMost Professional Services Organisationsuse a wide range of software tools to run theirbusiness. By up-grading your Deltek solutions,you will not only gain access to the latesttechnology; you also secure compatibilitywith a wide range of third-party software toensure a safe and high-performance technicalenvironment.
  10. 10. Deltek (Nasdaq: PROJ) is the leadingglobal provider of enterprise software andinformation solutions for professionalservices firms, government contractors, andgovernment agencies. For decades, we havedelivered actionable insight that empowersour customers to unlock their businesspotential. Over 14,500 organisations and 1.8million users in approximately 80 countriesaround the world rely on Deltek to researchand identify opportunities, win new business,optimise resources, streamline operations,and deliver more profitable projects.Deltek – Know more. Do more.®© 2011 Deltek, Inc. All rights reserved. All referenced trademarksare the property of their respective owners. 042811 Global v1