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Sif intro


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Published in: Education
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Sif intro

  1. 1. The Science of Identity Foundation (SIF) is asocio-civic organization dedicated to genuinehumanitarian welfare work for the upliftment of individuals and society.
  2. 2. The SIF shall provide the most effectivemeans of attaining complete well-being andrelevant education through the teaching of a very ancient and bona fide wisdom- the science of identity and self-realization.
  3. 3. The SIF shall be the foremost provider of comprehensive training on self-discovery. Furthermore, it shall be an active force inguiding dedicated volunteers on the path of meaningful selfless service to God and all beings.
  4. 4. SIF’s courses are taught in a systematic andscientific manner and go beyond mere academic ideas and actually provide thought-provoking glimpses into life itself.
  5. 5. SIF’s courses also offer easy and practicalsolutions that anyone and everyone can apply into their lives.
  6. 6. Our Work  the SIF has offered For more than 30 years, free-of-charge the following relevant services to countless individuals in various fields I. SIKAP- Science of Identity Knowledge Assistance Program
  7. 7. Our Work A. Enlightening Seminars- Stress Relief- Self Esteem- Environmental Awareness- Disaster and Emergency preparedness
  8. 8. Our Work  II. SIYAM- Science of Identity Yoga Asanas and Meditation
  9. 9. Our Work  III. SIGHAP- Science of Identity Good Health Assistance Program A. The Good Food Program
  10. 10. Our Work  B. GORA Project
  11. 11. Our Work C. Go Palakas Program
  12. 12. Our Work  IV. SINOP- Science of Identity Nature/ Outbound Program A. RANE- Relaxation Activities in Natural Environments
  13. 13. Our Work B. EPICA- Environmental Protection and Integrated Community Activities
  14. 14. Our Work  V. SIDAP- Science of Identity Disaster Assistance Program
  15. 15. Our Work  Resource Management Actions VI. CURMA- Coastal Underwater
  16. 16. “Clean up & Revitalize Marine Assets” 