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NIT- Pondicherry-at-Karaikal


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About N I T Puducherry and Karaikal where it is located

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NIT- Pondicherry-at-Karaikal

  1. 1. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, PUDUCHERRY, KARAIKAL AN INTRODUCTION General Information, Karaikal TO THE REGIONArea 161 Sq. KmsPopulation 2,27,569 (2009 census) AND THE INSTITUTEClimate Max: 28 C; Min: 23 C AT THE EASTRainfall 126 cmsHeavy Rain Sept. to Dec. COAST OF INDIALanguages spoken: Tamil & EnglishSTD code +04368ISD Code +91
  2. 2. 2On 1st November 1954, Pondicherry[Puducherry] was transferred to India.A treaty of Cessation (together withKaraikal, Mahe and Yanam) wassigned on May 28, 1956. Pondicherry became a UnionTerritory to be administered by thePresident of India in 1962 under the KARAIKAL14th Amendment of the Indian enclave ofConstitution. Puducherry Tirunallar temple separated by 140 kilometers and surrounded by neighboring State of Tamilnadu.
  3. 3. KARAIKAL 3Location in South India, city map
  4. 4. 4 Location in South India
  5. 5. 5 Puducherry UTTogether withthe other formerFrench enclavesof Puducherry(formerly knownas Pondicherry),Yanam, andMahé, Karaikalforms the UnionTerritory ofPuducherry
  6. 6. 6 KARAIKAL
  7. 7. 7 ROAD MAP
  8. 8. French rule 8Independence Struggle• The formation of Karaikal national congress on 13.6.1947 and Students Congress on 31.1.1947 symbolised the expression of desire in Karaikal for freedom from French rule.• The French ruled this district till 31 October 1954. Thus the de facto transfer of power took place on 1 November 1954 followed by de jure transfer on 16 August 1962. Until 1 November 1954, it was under French rule.• Together with the other former French enclaves of Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry), Yanam, and Mahé, Karaikal forms the Union Territory of Puducherry.
  9. 9. 9 GeographyLocation• Karaikal is a small coastal enclave of territory which was formerly part of French India.• Karaikal is bounded on the North and South by Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu state, on the west by Tiruvarur district (also belonging to Tamil Nadu), and on the East by the Bay of Bengal.• The enclave is located 132 km south of the city of Puducherry, 158 km east of Trichy and is known for its rich cultural heritage.• Karaikal is known all over the country for its unique and the only temple devoted to the Lord Saneeswara (Lord Saturn) at Thirunallar.
  10. 10. PLACES OF WORSHIP 10• Besides Saneeshwara, Karaikal is the Gateway to various other places of worship in the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. Two famous shrines, Velankanni for Christians and Nagore for Muslims are nearby Karaikal. The French flavour still persists in the peaceful land of Karaikal.• In Tirumalairayanpattinam, there is a famous temple called Ayirankaliamman temple, ayiram means 1000. We can see this god once in 5 years, because whatever offerings are given to this god, it should be 1008. So they will open for 3 days once in 5 years, and many devotees from all over Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will come and worship.
  11. 11. 11 Divisions DivisionsKaraikal town about 16 km. north of Nagapattinamand 9 km. south of Tarangambadi. Karaikal town isthe regional headquarters.Karaikal region is made up of Karaikal municipalityand the Communes of:KottucherryNadungaduNeravyThirunallarTirumalarajanpattinam
  12. 12. 12 Train services BG Line Work on Nagore - Karaikal BG line in final phase With the completion of the BG line, trains will extend from Nagore to Karaikal as terminal Station. Expresses from Chennai (Kamban) and Ernakulam to Nagore would be extended upto Karaikal.
  13. 13. 13 Train services BG LineKaraikal Railway Works in final phase Karaikal Railway station work updates... 1. Track laying inside station, almost completed. 2. Platform works started and progress is good. 3. Information from Employees / Local people: Station works will be completed by this year end
  14. 14. 14 KARAIKAL IN 2001 Demographics As of 2001[update] India census, Karaikal town had a population of 105,333. Males constitute 49% of the population and females 51%. Karaikal has an average literacy rate of 73%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 79%, and female literacy is 68%. In Karaikal, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age.
  15. 15. Karaikal Port 15Karaikal Port is poised to be a multi-cargohandling terminal. The port has handledcargoes:Coal, Pet coke, Raw sugar, Cement, ProjectCargo and construction materials. Fertilizerand liquid cargo are soon to follow.On completion, the port will be capable ofhandling all types of cargo. Karaikal Port is also a hub for oil explorationactivities and OSV/PSVs belonging tocompanies such as Hindustan Oil ExplorationCompany (HOEC) and Reliance Petroleumregularly call at the port.
  16. 16. 16 Karaikal PortKaraikal Port is a deep draft, all weather port. Thecurrent depth of 14.5 m allows for handling ofPanamax size vessels (up to 80000 MT). The final depthof 16.5 m will allow cape size vessels (up to 120000 MT)to call at the port. The lagoon type basin protectedby breakwaters allows operations all around the year.Karaikal Port received its first Gearless Panamax vesselin November, 2009 and became the first port inTamilnadu to do so. The port also has the distinctionof being the only private port to export cargobelonging to power equipment major Bharat HeavyElectricals Ltd (BHEL), which is a government agency.The port recently obtained rail connectivity and its 3railway sidings are now connected to Trichy viaNagore.
  17. 17. 17 AirportSuper Airport Infrastructure (India) Pvt Ltd, (SAIIPL), abusiness unit, submitted a feasibility study report.SAIIPL had stated that commercial air connectivity tothe town would prove viable. SAIIPL carried out an in-depth study of the tourists’ traffic profile to importantpilgrim centres and heritage spots located near hereincluding Vailankanni, Nagore, Tirunallar,Tarangambadi, Tirukkadaiyur, Poompuhar,Vaitheeswarankoil, Chidambaram, Kumbakonamand Gangaikondacholapuram.
  18. 18. 18 AirportWith the help of the Tourism Departments ofTamil Nadu and Puducherry, SAIIPL had alsoprojected the expected number of touristswho would choose the air travel option. TheGovernment gave the NOC to SAIIPL.A proposal to create a merchant airport atKaraikal in Puducherry has been cleared bythe Union Civil Aviation Ministry and thePuducherry administration.
  19. 19. 19 AIRPORTThe administration had identified around 600 acresof land in revenue villages falling under Nedungaduand Kottucherry. Mr. J.V. Chowdhury, Chairman ofKaraikal Airport Private Limited, said the new airportwould come up on a 550-acre land with a 3-km-long runway. The capacity of the terminal buildingwould be 1,400 passengers during peak hour in botharrival and departures. The cost of the projectwould be Rs. 250 crore and work could becompleted within 18 months.
  20. 20. 20Tirunallar near Karaikal, hasthe ancient temple ofDarbharanyeswara. Thistemple was visited by theSaint Tirugnana Sambandar inthe 7th century A.D. whosang padigams (decadalverses) in praise of the Lord.Likewise, his contemporary The name "TIRUNALLARU" is association ofSaint Tirnnavukkarasu and Nala of the Nishadha country who gotlater, Saint Sundarar (9th his deliverance from effects of Shanicentury A.D.) had visited the (Saturn) by invoking the Lords mercytemple and sung padigams here. (Nala+Aru-Nallaru). The word "Aru"extolling the Lord. SaintArunagirinathar (15th century conveys the meaning "to heal" and theA.D.) had also visited it and two words taken together _ Nalassung hymns included in his place of redemption or the place wheremonumental work Nala secured his redemption from theTiruppugazh. hold of Saturn through the Lords Grace.
  21. 21. 21 CollegesEDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS IN KARAIKAL•Vinayaka Missions College of Nursing•Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture andResearch Institute•Karaikal Polytechnic College•Indhira College of education•S.S. Duraisamy Nadar Mariammal College •Mor Colle ges e in Tamil•Pavai Polytechnic College Nad uVin ayak a M is s i ons Coll ege of Nurs i ng •Pan dit Jaw aharl al Nehr u Coll ege of Agric ult ur e•Thanapandian Polytechnic College and Res e arch Instit ute •Kar aikal Polyt echn ic Coll ege •I ndh ira Coll ege of educ at ion •S.S. Durai s amy Nad ar•Sivanthi College of education M ari am mal Coll ege •Pav ai More Colleges in Karaikal Polyt echn ic Coll ege •Tha napa ndia n Polyt echn ic Coll ege •Siva nt hi Coll•Shri Sharadha College of education ege of educ at ion •Shri Shar adha Coll ege of educ at ion •Qua id-e- M ille th Coll ege •JM S Coll ege of educ at ion•Quaid -e- Milleth College •Gan apat hi Coll ege of educ at ion •Sakt hi Instit ute for Teac her Educ at ion and Res e arch•JMS College of education•Ganapathi College of education•Sakthi Institute for Teacher Education and Research
  22. 22. 22 Nedungadu, Karaikal-609603Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agricultureand Research Institute Alt Name: PAJANCOA Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru College of Agriculture (PAJANCOA) was established on 1987 at Karaikal in the Union Territory of Puducherry, as an autonomous educational institution by the Government of Puducherry. This College has the prime objective of imparting agricultural education and meeting the agricultural research and extension needs of the Union Territory. This college is governed by PAJANCOA (Karaikal) Society with the Chief Secretary, Govt. of Puducherry as the Chairman and affiliated to the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore for meeting its academic standards. This college has been upgraded as Research Institute in 1997.
  23. 23. 23• National Institute of Technology, Puducherry was newly sanctioned and fully funded by the Government of India. It was founded in 2009.• It is established in the temporary campus provided by Arignar Anna Govt. Arts College at Karaikal in the State of Puducherry.• It is managed by the NIT Puducherry Society registered under the Societies Act. The Land and the local support are being provided by the Govt of Puducherry.• This Institute has been brought under the ambit of the NIT Act 2007 by the Govt of India.• The academic session at Karaikal campus commenced with the first batch of students in JULY 2010.
  24. 24. 24 Education in Karaikal Karaikal has been sanctioned a medical college and a National Institute of Technology (NIT), in 2010. Various steps have been taken to make the district a educational hub. Union Human Resources Minister Kapil Sibal would soon visit Karaikal to lay the foundation for the proposed NIT. The Centre planned 2,500 model schools across the country, and one such school [Kendriya Vidyalaya] would be established at Karaikal.
  25. 25. 25 Kendriya VidyalayaAug. 25, 2010. The Kendriya Vidyalayawould commence functioning from thisacademic year with classes I to V, with anintake of 40 students each. The school withits current total intake of 200 studentswould function from a temporary locationnear the Kovilpatthu Govt. High School.
  26. 26. 26 central school, UNIVERSITY A Kendriya Vidyalaya will start functioning herefrom next academic year. About Rs 20 crore hasbeen allotted to set up a branch of thePondicherry Central University at Karaikal.It is hoped that the ongoing Karaikal- Nagorebroad gauge work would be completed beforenext year.Union Railway Minister is requested to erect a newBG line between Karaikal and Mayiladuthurai viaTirunallar and Peralam. Also, Prime Minister has promised to look into theissue of granting statehood for Puducherry, it wasnoted.
  27. 27. KARAIKAL – 2010-11 27 National institute of Technology, Karaikal, (Puducherry Union Territory) Karaikal is a developing area and has a port & a well connected railway network.Director in charge:Dr.Srinivasan Sundarrajan,Director,National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli-620015Contact numberOffice: 0431-2500370Residence: 0431-2500377Fax: 0431-2500144, 2500133Email:
  28. 28. KARAIKAL – JULY 201028
  29. 29. 29 Ceremony - 2010Union Minister of Human Resource DevelopmentMr. Kapil Sibal (centre), at the foundation stoneceremony for National Institute of Technology-Puducherry at Karaikal .
  30. 30. 30 KARAIKAL – JULY 2010Inaugural function of NIT-Karaikal Union Minister of State for Planning and Parliamentary Affairs V Narayanaswamy said that formation of NIT at Karaikal was a major milestone in the development of Karaikal. C h i e f M i n i s t e r V Vaithilingam, Speaker Radhakrishnan, Higher Education Minister MOHF Shahjahan, Social Welfare Minister Kandaswamy, Opposition Leader AMH Nazeem were among those who participated in the inaugural function. 30
  31. 31. 31 National Institute of Technology
  32. 32. National Institute of Technology 32 Baldev Raj to Head NIT-PuducherryTiruchirapalli, Jan 16 : Dr Baldev Raj,Director, Indira Gandhi Centre forAtomic Research, Kalpakkam, has beenappointed as Chairman Board ofGovernors, National Institute ofTechnology- Puducherry at Karaikal for five years.Besides authoring 42 books and specialvolumes and journals, he has to hiscredit 700 publications in leadingnational and international journals.The sources said the new Board for theNIT-Puducherry, which startedfunctioning from this academic year,has been constituted as per amemorandum of association registeredunder Society of Companies inPuducherry in 2010, the sources added.
  33. 33. National Institute of Technology 33NIT-Puducherry Board of GovernorsThe Board has among its members the Director ofNIT- Trichy (Mentor Director of NIT-Puducherry); theEducation Secretary of Puducherry Governmentand senior MHRD officials.The sources said the overall strength of NIT stands at105, including additional quota that wassubsequently incorporated.The NIT-P is going to function from a temporarycampus at Aringnar Anna Government ArtsCollege, Karaikal till the pucca building is ready.The sources said NIT-P is among 10 NEW NITssanctioned by the MHRD for focussing on the North-Eastern States and other educationally-backwardregions.
  34. 34. Dr.Srinivasan Sundarrajan, 34 Mentor Director, NIT, PuducherryDr.Srinivasan Sundarrajan,Director, NIT-TDr.Sundarrajan completed MechanicalEngineering from Thiagarajar College ofEngineering, Madurai, and did his postgraduation and doctorate degrees atthe Indian Institute of Technology,Madras, in Industrial Metallurgy. He alsohas a PG certificate from IndianStatistical Institute, and had his initialtraining at Ashok Leyland.Dr.Sundarrajan networked over 400industries and 40 academic institutionsfor R&D leading to quality products andpositioned them in National SupplyChain Grid. An INAE (Indian NationalAcademy of Engineering) – AICTEDistinguished Professor, Dr.Sundarrajanhas made significant contribution forcurriculum development integratingemerging areas of technology.
  35. 35. mock exam 35IEEE mock examination conducted at NIT- KaraikalMonday, Apr 25, 2011, TIRUCHI: A total of 120 studentsappeared for the AIEEE mock examinationconducted at the N I T- Puducherry at Karaikal onSunday by the first year students.The material for the mock exam was provided by theRotaract Club of the N I T – Tiruchi (NIT-T), thementoring institution. The initiative according toG.Swaminathan, Coordinator for NIT- Puducherrybased at NIT-T, was a familiarisation exercise since theawareness level of the student community on AIEEEwas poor in the Karaikal region. The mock exam wasconducted at short notice through advertisements inlocal cable television channels, and sensitisationcampaign in a couple of schools.
  36. 36. mock exam 36While the mock exam was conductedlast year in association with the KaraikalTamil Peravai, the exam on Sunday wasorganised individually by the NIT-Puducherry. This time around, the firstyear students handled classes for theaspirants on the mark scoringtechniques, particularly the ways toavoid negative marking, Dr.Swaminathan said, explaining the scopefor rural candidates to gain admission toNITs.
  37. 37. 37 N. I. T., Puducherry progresses wellThe Building and Works Committee has hadits first sitting, and the Centre has clearedland title on a 35 acre plot for setting up thepermanent campus. A meeting of the full-fledged BoG under the Chairmanship ofBaldev Raj, Director, Indira Gandhi Centre forAtomic Research, is expected in the comingmonths to accord a thrust to infrastructuredevelopment, official sources added.
  38. 38. 38 NIT FEES
  39. 39. 39 NIT FEES
  40. 40. 40 NIT FEES
  41. 41. 41 National Institute of TechnologyNational Institute of Technology