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Four lessons


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Teachings of Buddha as explained by Liao Fan

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Four lessons

  1. 1. LESSONS ON GOOD LIFEFrom India
  2. 2. Venerable Chin Kung
  3. 3. LIFE IS NOT PREDESTINED, LEAD IT IN A NOBLE WAY Be good and do good; sufferings will beminimised that way. Practice kind deeds andcultivate virtue and humility with determinationand courage. Good fortune would bless you. Our own thoughts and actions affect our life. Itis said in Dhammapada, that if we think andact in a good and noble way good happeningswould be with us like our shadow.
  4. 4. HOW TO BUILD A PURE LIFE, EARN MERIT I should cultivate myself day by day and bemindful of my conduct at every moment,ensuring that no wrong is done. I shouldaccumulate merit, be aware of my faults andattempt to change. I should work towards correcting my faults andpersevere in developing good character. Ishould be cautious and careful in whatever Ido. I can be pure in thought, speech and action.
  5. 5. WAYS TO CULTIVATE GOODNESS Merits can be attained through performing kinddeeds. Doing good will always have its reward anddoing evil will always have its punishment. To do things with the intention of bringingbenefits to others is good and to do things forthe sake of one’s self is evil. A person’s arrogance will bring him harm; andhis humbleness will bring him benefit.
  6. 6. DEEDS BASED ON LOVING KINDNESS When doing kind deeds one must be true andsincere, and not seek any rewards, or act withfalsity. If one is kind hearted, then his every gesturewould indicate steadiness and solidity. Fate cannot bind those who cultivate greatkindness All the fields of merit are within ones own heart,One seeks from within and it may be given.
  7. 7. 3 conditions for reform:One must feel shame,One must know fear,One must have determination and courage
  8. 8. 3 methods to reform:Changing through actionChanging through reasoningChanging from the heart
  9. 9. WAYS TO CULTIVATE KINDNESS1. Supporting the practice of kindness2. Harboring love and respect3. Helping others succeed4. Persuading others to practice kindness5. Helping those in desperate need
  10. 10. WAYS TO CULTIVATE KINDNESS1. Developing public project for the greater benefitof the people2. Giving through donation3. Protecting the proper teaching4. Respecting our elders5. Love and cherishing all living beings