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Why we weak in mathematic ?


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Published in: Education
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Why we weak in mathematic ?

  1. 1. Why We Weak in Mathematics Have you ever even tried to try to think that even after giving our maximum time to mathematics why we fail to pass the mathematics or why still its difficult for us? Parents sometimes use to ask, "what are you doing, my child?" at that time our simple reply is - don't worry mom/dad I'm reading /writing. If they go further and ask what I mean which subject and we reply Math, Math doesn't matter day or night. We are so much worried about Math. We think that if dad doesn't see Math book in our hand he'll beat. We, then start to take it as a burden or a subject of tension, to be a bit humorous tensionmathicmatics ..... ha- ha! isn't it? To be successful we have to get Sid of Dracula names Mathematics. No! Never you be successful till the time you study Maths as a subject of tension. What I suggest you is that enjoy Mathematics, play with numbers until and unless you enjoy with Mathematics it will be difficult for you. Math doesn't only mean calculation. We should be aware of its application also. Doesn't matter how much time you give but counts is you have to know for what. For what you are studying Msths. Every chapters in our syllabus has its own application. When I teach Maths in my class I focus on its use like linear programming. Am I right my dear students? One thing you have to know is that students should be more creative than teacher. Do crossquestions. Cross questions doesn't mean you have to put teacher in difficult situation, ask suitable and relevant question. I'm saying this because we have studied played and done with mathematics. Now its your turn to do research, to coin something new in the field of Mathematics. Everything changes with time and if you can't join the pace of time ten its totally useless to spend your time, money, energy and many more..... Thats all for today. Have a nice time! Thanks