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Kubernetes dealing with storage and persistence


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Storage is a critical part of running containers, and Kubernetes offers some powerful primitives for managing it. This webinar discusses various strategies for adding persistence to the containerised workloads.

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Kubernetes dealing with storage and persistence

  1. 1. Dealing with Storage & Persistence Janakiram MSV Analyst | Advisor | Architect Janakiram & Associates Google Developer Expert
  2. 2. Announcing The Kubernetes Webinar Series ● Monthly webinar focused on helping you get started with Kubernetes ● Delivered by the experts from the container ecosystem ● Each webinar introduces a concept to accelerate your learning ● No specific prerequisites ○ Basic understanding of Docker will help ● All attendees will get $100 Google Cloud Platform Credits ● The recording of this webinar will be available at
  3. 3. Objectives ● Adding persistence to Pods ● Dealing with block storage in the cloud ● Understanding Persistent Volumes and Claims ● Demos
  4. 4. Persistence in Pods ● Pods are ephemeral and stateless ● Volumes bring persistence to Pods ● Kubernetes volumes are similar to Docker volumes, but managed differently ● All containers in a Pod can access the volume ● Volumes are associated with the lifecycle of Pod ● Directories in the host are exposed as volumes ● Volumes may be based on a variety of storage backends
  5. 5. Pods and Volumes
  6. 6. Kubernetes Volume Types ● Host-based ○ EmptyDir ○ HostPath ● Block Storage ○ Amazon EBS ○ GCE Persistent Disk ○ Azure Disk ○ vSphere Volume ○ ... ● Distributed File System ○ NFS ○ Ceph ○ Gluster ○ Amazon EFS ○ Azure File System ○ ... ● Other ○ Flocker ○ iScsi ○ Git Repo ○ Quobyte ○ ...
  7. 7. Pods and Volumes
  8. 8. Demo Host-based Volumes Block Storage-based Volumes
  9. 9. Understanding Persistent Volumes & Claims ● PersistentVolume (PV) ○ Networked storage in the cluster pre-provisioned by an administrator. ● PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC) ○ Storage resource requested by a user. ● StorageClass ○ Types of supported storage profiles offered by administrators
  10. 10. Storage Provisioning Workflow Lifecycle of a Persistent Volume ● Provisioning ● Binding ● Using ● Releasing ● Reclaiming
  11. 11. Demo Provisioning and Claiming NFS-based Volumes
  12. 12. Upcoming Webinar Configuring & Deploying StatefulSets 9AM PST, Tuesday, Feb. 14th StatefulSets bring the flexibility and availability of ReplicaSets to stateful workloads such as NoSQL databases and RDBMS. In this webinar, we will configure a highly available cluster of MySQL in Kubernetes based on the concept of StatefulSet. We will also cover the concepts of node affinity and horizontal pod autoscaling to achieve scalability, reliability, and availability of a web-scale deployment. Register at for the upcoming webinars
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