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Vortrag chi2013 panel2



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Vortrag chi2013 panel2

  1. 1. »Be happy in your work!« from adding tech solutions to restructuring socio-material contexts Sebastian Deterding (@dingstweets) CHI 2013 Games @ Work Panel April 30, 2013 c b
  2. 2. context learninG
  3. 3. challenge
  4. 4. Gamification! ? 2010
  5. 5. Gamification! 2013
  6. 6. Gamification is... sought & sold as one given technology solution for all human problems.
  7. 7. a.k.a. »A solution in search of a problem«
  8. 8. A process, not a product design
  9. 9. David Edery »The biggest challenge of all: getting your average executive to understand the importance of prototyping and iteration.« why does gamification tend to devolve? (2011)
  10. 10. A structuring, not a feature insight
  11. 11. »Gaminess« is not a feature
  12. 12. Game atoms model/skill rule system goal success! / failure! actions feedback immediate/progress challenge
  13. 13. »I need to be very routinized; I mustn’t let myself drift.« »I hammer it through.« »Often, you have to force yourself to do it.« »You’re under real pressure.« »It’s extremely exhausting.« »It wears you out.« »My friends usually cannot comprehend how stressful this is.« question
  14. 14. »Sometimes, you have to play, you have to get further – and then, play is work.«
  15. 15. Johan Huizinga »First and foremost, all play is a voluntary activity.« homo ludens (1938/1950: 7)
  16. 16. Edward Deci,Richard Ryan »To be autonomous means to behave with a sense of volition, willingness, and congruence; it means to fully endorse and concur with the behavior one is engaged in.« motivation, personality, and development (2012: 85)
  17. 17. feedback perceived as controlling thwarts autonomy motivation perceived as informing supports competence + –
  18. 18. What we usually design
  19. 19. Who decides whether this is autonomous/play
  20. 20. A Context,not (just) an artefact
  21. 21. @dingstweets Thank you.