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Grammar worksheet


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Grammar worksheet

  1. 1. language power page 51 part (a) has given that land to the city. 2.were has anu gone this afternoon? 3.vladimar gave a speech on collecting rare coins. freinds went to the park an hour ago. 5.Mary who gave you this ruby ring. 6.rob and carter have gone to help to paint the house. gave us ten minutes to take the test. 8.elaine has gone to the help eileen find the place. freinds gave cothes to the people whoso house burned. 10.hasnt jan gone to the store yet. 11.the sportcaster has just given us the latest baseball scores. 12.charlie went to apply for the job. 13.have you given fluffy her food. 14.has ms martinson gone to springfeild. 15.I have given my horn to my cousin. 16.paula gone to sleep already. page 51 part (b) 1.paula went to sleep already. 2.has ms.tate given the cheques to other employees. 3.every person had gone before you arrived.
  2. 2. neighbor was given a ticket for speeding. 5.hasn't the yamadas gone to japan for a month.'malley has given me a note book. 7.haven't you ever gone to an aquarium. 8.i gave her my new address. 9.micheal went to camp. has given me driving lessons. page 52 part(a) 1.Lora lost her bracelet 2.David broke his arm. 3.The dogs wagged their tail. 4.The referee blew her wistle. 5.The student should take their books. 6.Ascar Peterson is famous for his piano playing. 7.Brad entered his sculpture into the contest. 8.I wanted to read that book but, a number of pages are missing. 9.My aunt and uncle have sold their cottage. 10.The inuit built igloos out of snow blocks. 11.How did Canada get its name? 12.Daniel showed the group his wonderful stamp collection. 13.Coffee found its way to Arabia to Java. 14.The magpie builds its nest very carefully. 15.Pam sprained her ankle while skiing.
  3. 3. 16.Lisa drove her car to the top of the peek. 17.Frank left his raincoat in the doctors office. 18.Isn't B.C. noted for its salmon? 19.Travis brought his mother a beautiful shawl from India. 20.Gina where is your brother? 21.Manuel forgot his appointment with the dentist. 22.Joel and Andrew have gone to their swimming lesson. 23.Sandra showed her report to the boss. 24.Juan gave his father a beautiful paper weight. 25.Mr. Ovens found his keys. 26.The children broke their swing.