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TADHack Sri Lanka 2014 - 1st meet up


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TADHack Sri Lanka 2014 1st Meet Up @Dialog Future World on 24/04/2014 - Getting ready for the 1st ever international hackathon in Sri Lanka in the telecommunication realm. This slide set explains the benefits, timeline, key points, registration, how to pitch your app idea for TADHack & where to find resources to develop a Telco App. TADHack commences on 6th June 2014. Let the hacking begin!

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TADHack Sri Lanka 2014 - 1st meet up

  1. 1. 1st Meet Up
  2. 2. Telco APIs and Telco Applications SMS USSD Location Charging Subscription In-app purchasing SMS for messaging Location for locate places & people Mobile Account for charging 1.Order 2.Promos 3.Feedback 4.Outlets USSD for quick access Some examples
  3. 3. What is TADS ? Telcos Technology Partners Telecom Application Developers Telco Applications Telecom Application Developer Summit
  4. 4. How to go Global ? Providing global Events Connect with global Telcos & Partners
  5. 5. Grand Prize Pot Meet Your Global Players
  6. 6. Worldwide recognition for your application Ideas to create outstanding applications
  7. 7. TADHack Sri Lanka Flow 1 Form team Register for TADHack & start developing Follow webinars & FB event Join the 2nd meet up on 29th of May Invitations for TADHack SL Deploy the application on ideamart Sales pitchLocal winner selections Judging hurdles international Award ceremony SRI LANKA 2014 2 3 4 5 678910 Hackathon 6-7 June
  8. 8. Suggested application areas Agriculture, Tourism Health, Education Android downloadable with Telco APIs SME Applications And many more...
  9. 9. Team Formation Innovator Techy Marketer
  10. 10. Resources to help you win Dev Kit Meet Up Forum Webinar Series
  11. 11. Resources API Guides Sample apps What you get from Dev Kit Simulator FAQ Webinar Series Meet Up Dev Kit
  12. 12. Marketing Customer care Production Warehouse Workforce Mgt Delivery Part 01 Practical guide to create SMS applications Part 02 Beyond boundaries for Telco applications ; Use USSD API to enable access to all Part 03 Telco APIs to mash up messaging with location Part 04 Use mobile account to power your application Resources Meet Up Dev Kit Webinar Series Weekly webinar series including coding videos Telco Applications for Modern Business
  13. 13. Resources Be prepared for - 29th of May 2014 - Dialog Future World - 5.00 PM – 7.00 PM Your team should be ready You should be able to present your application to us You should have already be registered on TADHack We will help you to win Webinar series Dev Kit Meet Up 2nd Meet Up – Invitation based Date Venue Time Register before 22nd of May to join TADHack Sri Lanka
  14. 14. Pitch Right! Pitch your application in 5 minutes International Audience Be Outstanding Pitching videos uploaded on Youtube
  15. 15. Prepare & Practice Each team will get 5 minutes to present
  16. 16. Grab the attention! You have got 8 words To sell yourself
  17. 17. Select the 8 words! The technology is a smartphone application which will allow medical staff to scan patient information and medications and upload them to the patient accounting system via hospital networks (WiFi or Cloud). The cost savings will be found in more efficient inventory tracking and more accurate patient billing. The application is inexpensive but would be a powerful addition to healthcare information systems. Once this savings is demonstrated, we have several other applications with ROI in inventory management with other industries. Our goal is to create a series of applications which can be used in inventory management and cost savings and be seen as the expert. We are seeking funding to assist with our development and sales costs for this market and preliminary work in other markets, such as grocery or hardware. The first product has been evaluated by several hospitals and we have several sales of the beta version.
  18. 18. 5 slides Introduction to your self The Gap / Problem Identified Research and Findings on / Problem Concept of Solution and Operation Monetization !
  19. 19. Winner Pitch! /watch?v=i6O98o2FRHw m/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMs I m/watch?v=dqIEE-g_- Uc&feature=relmfu
  20. 20. How to be a TADHack developer? Register
  21. 21. Timeline of TADHack Sri Lanka 2014 April May June Webinar 1 22nd of April Webinar 2 4th week of April Webinar 3 1st week of May Webinar 4 4th week of May 1st Meet Up 24th of April 2nd Meet Up 29th of May Register before 22nd of May Send Invitations 1st of June TADHack Sri Lanka 6-7 June
  22. 22. Start your applications today! Visit -
  23. 23. Connect with us Join TADHack Sri Lanka Event Join hSenid Mobile Dev Space Group #TADHack #TADHackSL
  24. 24. Thank You For more information