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Using Modules in Teaching CLB 5 Handout


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Using Modules in Teaching CLB 5 Handout

  1. 1. Using Modules in Teaching CLB 5 2015 TESL CANADA 2015 Lake Louise, AB, Canada October 29-31 PresentationTime: 10:30 - 11:30,Friday, October, 30th , 2015 Room: Temple Ballroom B Presenters: Jana Ciobanu Kerry Howard Summary Withthe implementationof PBLA,moduleplanninghasbecome areal needforLINCteachers. This presentation is a demonstration of how to create and use a module in the day-to-day PBLA teaching environment. At the endof the presentations,participantswillgetone completemoduleas well asall the activitiesneededtoimplement it. Using Modules in Teaching CLB 5 All the Final Assessments and the Skill Building Activities Module Planning Framework FINAL ASSESSMENTS Listening Assessment- Banff National Park The Video: Banff Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia
  2. 2. Using Modules in Teaching CLB 5 2015 The Listening Assessment: Speaking Assessment-Making a Hotel Reservation Reading Assessment- Banff Trail Riders trail-riders-54150373 Writing Assessment-Travel Experience Email SKILL BUILDING ACTIVITIES Listening Skill Building Activities: 1. The Fairmont Banff Springs The Video: The Skill Building Activity: springs?related=1 2. Banff National Park's Cave and Basin The Video: The Skill Building Activity: Speaking Skill Building Activities: 1. Hotel-Room Booking Role-Play 2. Speaking Skill Building Hotel Reservation
  3. 3. Using Modules in Teaching CLB 5 2015 Reading Skill Building Activities: 1. Banff Hot Springs The Brochure The Skill Building Activity: springs?related=6 2. Banff Gondola The Brochure: building?related=8 The Skill Building Activity: gondola?related=9 3. Lake Louise The Brochure: The Skill Building Activity: louise?related=11 Writing Skill Building Activities: The Skill Building Activity: Thank you very much for your attendance. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. Enjoy the remainder of the conference!