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Gains of a war


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Who benifited out of Iraq war?

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Gains of a war

  1. 1. What makes a war happen? Backstage of the American attack against Iraq in 1991 Part of the material for the course “ Models and Natural Resources Management 1”, Milan Technical University .
  2. 2. The expenses for the Gulf war <ul><li>40 billion US dollars </li></ul>or 42 billion euros
  3. 3. But who paid for this? <ul><li>Instinctively we say that the $ 40 billion, was paid by the USA </li></ul>This is partially true : indeed … 40 BILLION $ 25% of the expenses was paid by the USA (10 billion$) 75% of the expenses was paid by the Arab countries , specifically by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (30 billion $)
  4. 4. Where did they find this money? <ul><li>The oil price before the war was approx. 15$ per barrel ... </li></ul>… but with the Gulf war, it rose to 42 $ per barrel , generating an EXTRA profit of about 60 billion $ Who did this profit go to? In the Arab countries the “ fifty – fifty” law is valid : 50% to the state and 50% to the multinational that controls the oil deposit . This gives us …
  5. 5. Where did they find this money? <ul><li>Net profit from the increase in the price of oil : 60 billion $ </li></ul>30 billion $ to the oil companies 30 billion $ to the governments of the Arab states (Kuwait + Saudi Arabia )
  6. 6. Who owns the oil companies? In the Middle East, the extraction and trading of oil is in the hands of the 7 Sister (Shell, Tamoil, Esso…), all of which are American, and 5 are state owned. 30 billion $ Approx. 21 billion $ to the American State Approx. 9 billion $ to the American private sector
  7. 7. Let’s make some calculations … Profit $ 9 billion Now all is clear … USA have made a profit of 20 $ billion from the war ! It had nothing to do with “Free Kuwait” … they were only after the “cheese” ! Profit 11 $ billion 21 $ billion 10$ billion USA GOVERNMENT 9 $ billion 30 $ billion Profit from the increase in the oil prices 0 USA Private Sector 0 30$ billion Arab Nations Profit or loss Expenses of war
  8. 8. But this is not over yet … <ul><li>Finally, who paid the ’91 war against Iraq? </li></ul>Those who use the oil … … which means us !!!
  9. 9. But this is not over yet … <ul><li>So, the USA , have made a total profit of ... </li></ul>$ 11 billion from the oil $ 49 billion from the weapons !!!
  10. 10. But this is not over yet … <ul><li>2. Where did the $ 40 billion spent for the war go ? </li></ul>To the war industry , all of which just happens to be almost exclusively … AMERICAN !!!
  11. 11. Last thoughts <ul><li>Now it is easy to assume that the Gulf war in 1991, happened for financial reasons only , and not for some “humanitarian reason” or for the “right to freedom” . </li></ul>But now it is easy to understand two other events : the reason behind the war in Afghanistan and the new war against Iraq
  12. 12. Last thoughts <ul><li>The war in Afghanistan had as a main target the installation of a pawn government that would agree with the construction of a pipe line (American owned), of 2.500 km length that would run across its territory . </li></ul>This strategically important pipe line , has as unique alternative, the construction of another one, of 5.500 km lenght, much more costly to construct and maintain, due to the taxes that would be imposed to the USA by the countries through which it would run. It is much easier to reduce to dust a country already tormented by 30 years of war and turn it into your annex , with the possibility of constructing and managing the shortest pipe line without any trouble at all .
  13. 13. Last thoughts <ul><li>To understand why Bush jr. wants to attack Iraq again, we must know that the main supplier of oil in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia. </li></ul>The rupture of their relationship cannot be mended, because Saudi Arabia is one of the countries involved in the Bin Laden, terrorist movement and because the International Public Opinion is against this country due to their lack of respect of the Human rights. So, the Bush administration has a goal: to find an alternative oil supplier except for Saudi Arabia in the Middle East.
  14. 14. Last thoughts <ul><li>The easiest way, of course, is a war in Iraq and the installation of a pawn government under USA guidance. The answer that spontaneously comes to mind is “Why Iraq?” </li></ul><ul><li>For 3 simple reasons : </li></ul><ul><li>It is a country that cannot defend itself ( poverty due to the embargo is killing 300.000 babies/year due to malnutrition ). </li></ul><ul><li>Iraq offers an easy excuse ( the presence of non-existent weapons of mass destruction, that can be only produced with high technology which Iraq does not have) to justify the attack to the International community that knows nothing about oil deposits. </li></ul><ul><li>Until now, Iraq does not have the support of a powerful nation, that would be in the position to withstand the American threat. </li></ul>
  15. 15. Last thoughts On top of this, in the last 3 years , a social revolution has taken place in Venezuela, due to the terrible living conditions. Venezuela is the greatest oil supplier for the USA. The Bush administration had to find an alternative to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
  16. 16. What can we do? <ul><li>Inform as many people as you can about the true reasons behind this war. An ignorant person is easy to control . A person thinking logically can resist! </li></ul>Visit the site of Emergency: