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Review relationship between string length, tension, and pitch


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Review relationship between string length, tension, and pitch

  1. 1. GOOD MORNING! Today we will:  graph the relationship between:  string length and frequency  string tension and frequency  take a short online quiz  watch a 5 minute video on mosquito tones  write a short (but accurate and scientifically precise) response describing how a guitar makes music Please do before the bell:  get your lab book  get 1 whiteboard/marker per table  get a netbook (leave closed on your desk for now)
  2. 2. theHOW DO GUITARS MAKE relationship between string MUSIC? length/tension to pitch
  3. 3. WARM-UPAs string length _______, frequency _______.
  4. 4. WARM-UP #2As string tension _______, …
  5. 5. REVIEW: FREQUENCY AND HUMAN HEARINGAll sound is caused by vibrationAs the number of vibrations increases… frequency increases pitch increasesEven though all vibrations make sound, not all sounds can be heard by humans.
  6. 6. FREQUENCY AND HEARINGHumans generally can hear sounds with frequencies between 20 Hz and 20,000 HzAs a part of the aging process, humans begin to lose their ability to hear at the upper end of the frequency…crafty teenagers take advantage of this by installing “mosquito tones” on their cell phone to “secretly” get text notifications in classBut…youthfulness is often outdone by age and treachery… 
  7. 7. NETBOOKS & TBIRDSCIENCELog on to (be sure you are on our website and not our blog)New Page: Practice QuizzesBe sure to put your first and last name and your email address before starting the quiz no email =5 questions, 10 minutes