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Trigger talk jan 22 cole z


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Published in: Education
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Trigger talk jan 22 cole z

  1. 1. Radical Family Programming for Youth Services Over-achievers Or... How to do it all, have it all, and empower the youth you serve!
  2. 2. First, Discover My Strengths. From 2008. From 2015. Then discover YOURS!!! --And yours and mine DO NOT need to match.
  3. 3. Love those developmental assets! From Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents:
  4. 4. Stop programming only for readers. Create engaging experiences, safe spaces, and let your patrons know that they are important and circulation takes care of itself- DON’T OVERTHINK THIS!
  5. 5. Become a 21st Century Librarian! From Valerie Gross for the IMLS Blog. "Libraries = Education: A Game-Changing Vision." 14 Jan. 2015. Celebrate self-directed education for all ages! Create instructive and enlightening community outreach experiences! Shift from education/entertainment offerings to community outreach experiences. Foster programming that creates richer experiences for your community. Think about these awesome key messages and get a mantra!
  6. 6. Bring what’s great about your community inside your library.
  7. 7. Meet your community where they are.
  8. 8. Incorporate play!