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The Wrong Love


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Wrong Love

Published in: Education
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The Wrong Love

  1. 1. The Wrong Love sarah houghton director of the san rafael public library author of
  2. 2. We love our communities.
  3. 3. Community Love • We work in our communities • We live in our communities • We use our own libraries • We honestly love helping people • We get off on learning
  4. 4. We Believe in What We Do • We believe in equity of access • We defend intellectual freedom • We honor the freedom to learn • We strive for user privacy • We champion the right to learn
  5. 5. The Library Loves You Week 1. free replacement card 2. book recommendation 3. 20 minutes research help 4. toy with story time 5. $5 fine forgiveness 6. extra hour of computer time 7. literary speed dating
  6. 6. sarah houghton @thelib