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Case Study: An Interest in iPhones


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Case Study: An Interest in iPhones

  1. 1. Methodologies Utilized: Online bulletin board/focus group Social media recruitment Usability/UI/UE Quantitative Unique methods/custom user-friendly market research™ CASE STUDY An Interest in iPhones
  2. 2. user-friendly market researchProject Background The iPhone was released on June 29, 2007,after Apple and AT&T successfully partneredto provide consumers with what fans consider the single greatest and most significant product of the modern era. On June 30 of the same year, Microsoft and the competitive wireless carriers awoke in need of a stiff drink, and a good plan.
  3. 3. user-friendly market research Client ObjectivesOne of those concerned parties came to us, looking to supplement monthly iPhone tracking studies with direct user feedback.The client specifically wanted to understand the impact of iPhone use on small business habits and needs.Illustrative feedback would allow the client to react to the inevitable shift in customerneeds and expectations on a number of levels (features, functionality, battery life, etc).
  4. 4. user-friendly market research The Challenge We designed a research study to elicit the detailed feedback the client needed.Finding the relatively few participants who fit the very specific criteria of the target demographic at launch (small businessowners with an iPhone), and could make the time commitment to articulate a semi- euphoric experience.
  5. 5. user-friendly market research Our ApproachGiven the specificity of client objectives, we knew that an online, asynchronous discussion group would allow participants to fully report on theirdaily uses and experiences with the iPhone, while minimizing peer influence. Our ThoughtCast methodology would enable participants to respond to posted questions with detailedanswers, at their convenience; the perfect fit for early adopters.Our approach led us to realize that what we (andthe client) were truly looking for were authenticuser reviews. So, we decided to go straight to the authoritative source for user reviews; blogs.
  6. 6. user-friendly market research The Outcome We contacted the hosts, and commentators ofpre-eminent technology themed blogs, as well as a few Apple fan blogs for good measure. Thisgenerated a good deal of interest in participation, and we were able to screen potentialrespondents based on the criteria established at the onset of the project.Thus, we were able to identify enthusiastic smallbusiness iPhone accounts, and collect the detailedand insight-rich user reviews necessary to satisfy client objectives.
  7. 7. user-friendly market research The UpsideWe learned a great deal about the iPhone andwhat its release meant, (and still means) for the industry. As a result of this project we also learned how to target and verify niche demographics quickly and efficiently online.
  8. 8. user-friendly market research Thank You!Contact us with questions or to request a proposal 212.660.0110 Follow us on Twitter: @goodmindMR