Case Study: Social Media Recruiting


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Case Study: Social Media Recruiting

  1. 1. Methodologies Utilized: Online bulletin board/focus group Social media recruitment Usability/UI/UE Quantitative Unique methods/custom user-friendly market research™ CASE STUDY Social Media Recruiting
  2. 2. user-friendly market researchProject BackgroundA major office supply company requested a research project to test out a new line of printable binder dividers among office managers and administrative assistants.
  3. 3. user-friendly market research Client Objectives The main objective of the research was to understand what office professionals are looking for in binder dividers and how their new dividers measured up to consumers’expectations. Through an actual product test of two sets of dividers, the client wanted tomake sure that their printing instructions were easy to follow and foolproof in helping consumers print flawless and professional- looking dividers.
  4. 4. user-friendly market research The Challenge The target recruit for this study was veryspecific and highly multifaceted. We needed to recruit a broad spectrum of administrative professionals that use binder dividers on a regular basis. These people had to work forone of the client-provided companies. Among these specifications, we had sub-segments within the recruit and required participantswho use a variety of divider brands and styles plus an additional segment of small businessowners. On top of all this, we needed 300 of these people!
  5. 5. user-friendly market research Our ApproachWe attacked this recruit across a variety of socialmedia platforms in order to fill each segment and meet our participant quotas. We found professionals at the target companies using an elaborate social media outreach approach. Wetargeted interest groups, brand pages/profiles and specific job titles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  6. 6. user-friendly market research The Outcome By implementing a cross-platform social media recruiting strategy, we were able to find our target audience and ended up overfilling thisseemingly challenging recruit. We found qualified participants who were eager to share theiropinions by tapping into a variety of social media networks.
  7. 7. user-friendly market research The Upside We were able to turn a challenging andcomplicated recruit into a win-win for our client,the participants and ourselves. We provided ourclient with enough respondents so they could test their new divider line and optimize the product before it hit stores. Our participants had theopportunity to share their opinions and impact a product they use in their day-to-day work. Wewere able to refresh and add to our social media panel of respondents while once again proving that no recruit is too challenging when you harness the power of social media.
  8. 8. user-friendly market research Thank You!Contact us with questions or to request a proposal 212.660.0110 Follow us on Twitter: @goodmindMR