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Editing Of Music Video


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Editing Of Music Video

  1. 1. Editing of music video<br />We took screenshots of how we went about editing our video in terms of importing footage, cutting clips etc...<br /> Firstly we opened a new project in Adobe premiere pro2.0, which was the editing software we had chosen to use. <br />Second step was to import the footage, we had captured, in order for us to be able to edit it<br />Once the footage had been imported, as u can see in the screenshot above, it was then time to drag all the footage into the timeline in the order we wanted it.<br />As you can see the footage has been added in the order we wanted it to be in however we realised that in the scenes we had added to the timeline we didn’t require all of the footage from them so it meant we would have to cut certain bits.<br /> <br />To cut the scenes we used the razor tool in order to get rid of the bits we didn’t need. <br />Once all the scenes had been cut and arranged in to the way we wanted them we then decided to add the song in to make sure we would get our lip sync correct as this would be the most difficult part. <br />Once we had our lip sync correct it was then time to start working on our effects and transitions. We decided to keep a similar and simple style and scenes that were the same, for example the anchor scenes or the scenes that were made to look like the past in order to support the narrative and make it clear<br />THE ANCHOR SCENES<br /> <br /> For every anchor scene we added the colour pass effect and choose to bring out the blue in the guitar whilst having everything else as black and white. The screen shot above shoes on the left is where we choose the effect, once added it came to the top of the page and we then had to use the colour picker to decide what part of the scene we wanted in colour and we choose the blue guitar <br />THE PAST SCENES <br />All the scenes in the past were changed to sepia tone so that it would be clear to distinguish between the present and the past. We did this by choosing the colour balance effect from the left hand side and then from the effects menu above we had to change the Midtone blue to -50.0 in order for the sepia tone to appear.<br />THE TRANSITIONSwe used 3 simple transitions in our video as we felt that they were the ones that suited it the best. They were Additive dissolve, zoom & Solarize<br />This screenshot shows us suing the Additive dissolve transition. We found this in video transitions which is on the left hand side of the screen and in order for us to use it we dragged it in between the two clips were we wanted to use it. In the screen shot in the top right hand cornet you can see a still shot of the additive dissolve.<br /> <br />Solarize in & out was another transition we used in certain scenes, we found this on the left had side Colum under a tab called Present. We added it in the same way as the other transitions. In the top right again you can see the effect of using this<br /> this screen shot shows the final transition we have used in our music video, which is called zoom, in the top right you can see the effects on using this transition.<br />SPLIT SCREEN<br />For two of our scenes in the music video we used split screen and the screen shot below shows how we went about carrying out the split screen effect<br />To carry out the split screen effect we first had to use the crop toll which we found under the transform section in the video effects column, we then had to put the to clip we wanted to play at the same time on top of each other as you can see in the screen shot. We then used the crop tool to crop the bits of the clips that we didn’t want, in this case you can see we cropped the top and bottom of the clip we were editing. Then once played we found that both clips played together and the screens had been split.<br />ADDING CREDITS we also added titles to our music video as they were part of the conventions, we did this by going to title which was a tab at the top of the page and then on to default still it allowed us to choose our font, colour and were we wanted it to be placed.<br />OTHER EFFECTS <br />Other effects that were used were only in our opening as we used a time code which we found in the video section on the left hand side, we sued this as we wanted it to look like a CCTV camera was watching down on the person. We also added black & white and fast blur to the clip as we felt they went well with the rest of the music video.<br /> In the ending we used the dip to black transition in order to signify the end of the music video.<br />