Digipack Analysis


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Digipack Analysis

  1. 1. Digipack Analysis – LL Cool J (Hip Hop) 4D Productions
  2. 2. In the cover of the Digipack, the artist picture dominates the spread, in a close-up of him, with no obstruction of text etc, as he is the selling point of the Digipack, and this fact differs from a normal CD album cover. Also it is a cardboard/hardback cover. On the left in a text box the artist name is shown in bold, which is eye-catching and stands out. The reason it is on the left is because once the audience have captured the picture, the next thing they do is read it across from the left, therefore the next thing they will see is the artist name.
  3. 3. When you first open the pack, you can see the free booklet attached on the left, with first page of the book showing a picture of the artist, and also mentioning the producer’s name. Also it differs from a normal CD case as the CD on the right is encasing in a hardback, and plastic container.
  4. 4. When you open the booklet it turns into a double spread, and again the artist picture is show on the right, covering one page to catch the audience eye. Also a sketch of the CD and the album name is on the immediate left. On the left, there are text boxes containing, the name of each song as a title. Underneath them the boxes include; the producer of the song and the record label, where the song was recorded, and other information like background vocals and musicians. Also on the first page there is a box for album credits; including photographers, marketing, art direction, stylists etc. This style differs from an ordinary CD cover.
  5. 5. This style is consistent in the booklet for the next three pages, where they have text boxes of each song containing its information, and credentials. Another feature that stays constant throughout is the fact the artists picture covers the double spread as a majority, and everything else works around the picture. All the pictures are different as well, showing extreme close ups, mid shots etc.
  6. 6. On the final page of the booklet, the picture of the artist on the left with his name stays consistent, however on the right the record company label and logo is shown (Def Jam Records), and also other artists albums from the same label are advertised, as is LL Cool J’s other albums, with pictures are shown. This feature may appear in some CD cases.
  7. 7. As all the information and text is inside the booklet, the back cover of the Digipack is very simple, with a pull-in-depth shot of the artist’s arm, and the track listing is also on there.