Costume Planning[1]


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Costume Planning[1]

  1. 1. Costume Planning Our Artist: As a group we have decided to keep the costume of our singer and artist very similar to the way they actually dress because it reflects the Indie/Rock genre. Also, we decided to stick to the conventions of the Indie/Rock genre as it best fits our song. The costumes will involve: Skinny jeans are a convention of the Indie/Rock genre Casual shirts are as they are worn popular in live by many popular shows. They artists. work well with the skinny jeans and converses. Casual wear that can be worn with trainers, shoes or plimsolls. Converses are a fashionable brand in the genre as they are of the Plain t-shirts in all colours are The clothing styles above suit theworn by of the song plimsoll style. genre Indie/Rock artists as the colours represent because offer colours connote the mood of the song. These the something. For example, this alternatives to trainers and black t-shirt represents shoes. something dark like a bad habit.
  2. 2. For example, black connotes darkness and death. The skinny jeans represent the casual clothing that is worn by the indie rock artists such as Kings of Leon and Arctic Monkeys. Similarly, indie rock music videos tend to keep the clothing simple and dark in order to keep emphasis on the other factors such as; background, instruments and props. The brand name ‘Converse’ is very popular in the indie/rock genre because it is worn by many popular artists. Also, converses are of the plimsoll style which are classified as casual footwear and are seen as an alternative to shoes and trainers. However, our artist sometimes dresses formal but casually, such as a suit in order to break the conventions of the genre because the stereotypical view of Indie/Rock artists is that they break free of the social norms. Examples of formal wear include suits, cardigans and other forms of knitwear and trousers. Smart blazers give a classy look and break the stereotypical view about how Indie/ Rock artists dress. This is suitable because our artist likes to break A scarf is a smart/formal social norms and accessory which can be worn views about his with any type of clothing type of music. which also gives an Indie/Rock look. Cardigans give a formal look as they can be worn on top of t shirts or shirts instead of a jacket or coat.
  3. 3. Smart jeans are to be worn with a smart plain t shirt or shirt in order to give an elegant look which is not a main convention of the genre; however, a blazer can be worn on top with boots as footwear to give the Indie/Rock look. Hair and make up will be styled accordingly to the genre, the styles will be either short, long or the messy look. These specific hair styles will portray the artist in different images. These hairstyles all show a different look. The middle image shows a style which works well with a suit, one of out final costumes. The hairstyle on the top right shows a rough look which can be related to the genre of Indie/Rock because of the meanings behind their lyrics. Also, this supports the stereotypical view of Indie/Rock artists. Lastly, the image n the top left with short hair portrays the person in two ways; a formal casual look but also in a rough image.
  4. 4. Accessories within this genre include chains, bracelets, earrings, body piercings, tattoos and nail polish. The artists in the Indie/Rock genre tend to wear a lot of jewellery and have a number of tattoos because it reflects the social significance of their life. For example, some of the tattoos are iconic and indicate the artist’s beliefs and experiences.