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  1. 1. What music genre is most appealing to you?<br />As we want to direct a song from the Indie Rock genre this information shows us that the genre has a huge area for development compared to other genres and we feel that we can fill in that gap with our band and make it as successful as genres such as rap and Hip Hop.<br />How often do you listen to music? (Hours a day)<br />These results showed us that people do take time out during their day to listen to music consequently, we concluded that maybe the song we do, should have a meaning that our target audience can relate to in order for it to be successful due to the fact that people are making time through their day to listen to music therefore maybe it needs to mean something to them to do so, for example the lyrical content and style of music<br />Who is your favorite artist/Band at present?<br />. <br />These result showed us that artists were more successful then bands at the moment, however the artists that are doing good are the ones that are already established artists such as Jay Sean, Lil Wayne and in the others column we had artists such as Cheryl Cole, Kanye West and 50 Cent, therefore looking at this we decided that entering a new artist in to the music industry and hoping for success would be a huge if not impossible task. So we decided that by choosing to do a band we would have less competition to deal with and by choosing to do an Indie Rock band there was even more chance for instance success.<br />What is your favorite song of 2009?<br /> <br />The results for favourite song of 2009 also helped us when deciding what genre to do and weather to do a band or artist, as we found that ‘sex is on fire’ which is sung by Kings of Leon was a huge success and was liked by the people we questioned. Looking at the results of favourite artist or band and using the results we have now we concluded that bands can be popular and successful however a lot of it depends on the song. Therefore if we get the song right and with the feeling we have about there being a gap which can be filled with a new band in the music industry we would go ahead with doing a band. Furthermore our decision was also influenced by the others column were we found people liked songs that were sung by bands such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘can’t stop’.<br />Which artist/band do you think has been most successful during 2009?<br />Who is your favorite artist/Band of all time?<br />What is your favorite song of all time?<br />Do you think music videos are important?<br />Which music genre do you think has an area for development or for new talent?<br />Which music genre do you least listen to?<br />