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Ulangan harian x kd.1


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Published in: Education
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Ulangan harian x kd.1

  1. 1. ULANGAN HARIAN KOMPETENSI DASAR 1 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Kelas : X Waktu : 70 menit A. Fill in the blanks with the right to be (is, am, are) 1. Dino _____ my brother. 2. We _____ busy. 3. Mario and Shinta _____ students. 4. I _____ at home on Sundays. 5. They _____ my classmates. 6. It _____ my new bag. 7. He _____ between Aziz and Rudi. 8. The tiger _____ sleepy in the cage. 9. He and she _____ in the red car. 10. Eagle and parrot _____ birds. B. Change the verbs in the brackets into the correct form of Simple Present Tense! 1. Mr. Norman (drive) his car every day. 2. We (study) English on Saturday. 3. Does your mother always (cook) delicious food? 4. Martha (not sweep) the floor every morning. 5. What do you usually (buy) every new semester? C. Fill in the blanks with the right Pronoun! 1. Mr. Obama buys a new car. _____ car is very expensive. 2. Mira has some pens. The pens on the table are _____. 3. I love Shintya. _____ is beautiful. 4. My brother and I went to Solo yesterday. _____ visited our grandparents. 5. Do you know Irfan Bachdim? I like _____ very much. 6. Why do you like jogging? Because _____ is cheap. 7. Are Wawan and Budi your friends? Yes, _____. 8. Mario is a rich man in our village. He buys something expensive. _____ are luxurious. 9. Sutinah has two sisters. _____ sisters are smart. 10. I and you practice in the same workshop. _____ are partner. D. Change these sentences into negative and interrogative! 1. Our workshop is clean today. 2. The tools are in the orange box. 3. Rita always studies in her room. 4. They work in a company. 5. Mrs. Farah teaches us physics. E. Make question sentences based on the underlined word as the answers! 1. Mr. Charter teaches an English lesson. 2. Agnes Monica is a singer. 3. The dog eats meat twice a week. 4. They are in the living room now. 5. She sings songs beautifully. << GOOD LUCK >>