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Co-Creation: Breaking the Divide Between A Brand And Its Audience


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Social Media Week Singapore, 2013 Edition of Business Rocks. 7 minutes covering 7 slides on Co-Creation that contribute to a collaborative world. Detailed Blog Post here :

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Co-Creation: Breaking the Divide Between A Brand And Its Audience

  1. 1. Co-Creation: Breaking the Divide R Between A B AND And Its Audience Consumers motivated when the big picture emerges from their small pictures@JamshedWadia
  2. 2. 7-Eleven Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup Day 2012 For one day only you can bring in your favorite cup and fill it up with your favorite Slurpee for only $2.90! Everything is classified as a cup – from cowboy hats to yard glasses, you can take it all.@JamshedWadia
  3. 3. Make Thumb Noise – Ultrabook™ Music Collaboration ProjectIntel’s Make Thumb Noise allows Facebook audiences to participate in theprocess of creating a song in collaboration with popular Korean pop-stars2NE1. Likes 40 K Site Visits 1.8 M Votes via Facebook 1 M Youtube Views 7 M Facebook Page Views 7 M Tweets 27 K Media coverage 250 Time spent 3min 21sec@JamshedWadia
  4. 4. Upped Sales by 76%@JamshedWadia
  5. 5. @JamshedWadia
  6. 6. @JamshedWadia
  7. 7. To Conclude ……@JamshedWadia
  8. 8. Summary Solving a Creating a Shared Business Problem Experience Creating Branded Next Business Content Innovation Making a difference in the communities we live in@JamshedWadia