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We've Never Had It So Good


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A talk I gave at UX Australia in August 2011 about how technology has impacted our experiences & affected our expectations.

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We've Never Had It So Good

  1. 1. We’ve Never Had it So Good John Walsh UX Australia 26th August 2011
  2. 2. Senior Interaction Designer & Technology geek- Been working in the digital space for 12 years- Seen lots of change in 12 years - both in our space & the tech world- We’re all users of technology- We all care about UX
  3. 3. 1968 2011- Encapsulates the pace of change- Today’s impression of tomorrow’s technology can sometimes miss the mark- “Wow, that’s amazing - look what we can do”- What we have lets us do so much more- I see technology as an enabler; of us, of better experiences- Wanted to explore technology’s impact on those experiences
  4. 4. Experiences &Expectations
  5. 5. Technology’s impact on ourExperiences
  6. 6. Booking travel- Something we’ve all done- Many people will have traveled here this week- Think of the experience as it is today
  7. 7. Latest Travel News Online Booking Destination Reviews Aggregation Flight Tracker Forums Price Alerts Research Book Prepare Go Social Media Smartphones TV RSS Computers The Internet Tablets Broadband Connection- A simple representation of the experience- Think of the different technologies you use- What’s the experience like without this technology?
  8. 8. 1981 = 9 8- Almost all technology today doesn’t exist- Hands up if you feel old?!?
  9. 9. Research Book Prepare Go
  10. 10. Research Book Prepare Go • Destination • Price • Package/DIY- A longer, less convenient experience compared to today
  11. 11. Research Book Prepare Go • Paperwork • Payment • Visa- Pen & paper- Payment is physical- Visa is physical
  12. 12. Research Book Prepare Go • Insurance • Vaccinations • Currency- Shop around?- No wikipedia- Good price for currency?
  13. 13. Research Book Prepare Go • Delays • Changes • Check-in- Changes in flight details
  14. 14. Research Book Prepare Go- Fair to say the experience is better, more convenient, faster today - because of tech
  15. 15. - Another experience made better by tech - your experience now!
  16. 16. We’ve Never Had it So Good- But we probably only realise it when tech is taken away
  17. 17. Louis CK- Only when we look back do we realise how things have changed
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Advances in technologyimprove experiences
  20. 20. Enables Technology Empowers Enhances- Better, more convenient ways of doing things- Us as consumers- The overall experience- What does this mean for us as people who care about UX?
  21. 21. More opportunities To engage To surprise & delight To innovate- FOR US:- To go beyond consumer expectations- This is what excites me!
  22. 22. ATMs Mobile Apps SMS Websites Aggregation Services Call Centres More touchpoints Email Smartphones Social Media Tablets (Push) Alerts TV- FOR US & BUSINESS STAKEHOLDERS:- More ways of making things better- Improving experiences
  23. 23. Advances in technology improve experiences- It becomes clear how much when we take that technology away- What about expectations then?
  24. 24. What does technology do to our Expectations?- More Louis!- Demonstrates how tech shapes our expectations- The sense of entitlement technology gives us
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Consumers expect technology to be there- Would you buy a flight from an airline that had no online booking capabilities?- Bank with no IB?- If it’s not there, it affects the experience & therefore our perceptions
  27. 27. Consumers expect technology to work “Gah!”- How many ‘give it a second’ moments do you have?- How often does tech frustrate you?- When it doesn’t, again it affects the experience & therefore our perceptions- What does this mean for us as UX people?
  28. 28. Meet expectations Conceive well Integrate seamlessly Execute flawlessly- This is the minimum we should be doing- Behind the scenes: minimise errors etc.
  29. 29. Exceed expectations Surprise & delight InnovateFOR US:- This is what excites me - as a consumer & UX person
  30. 30. ? The past Today The future- Where would we be without today’s technology?- What’s next?
  31. 31. Thanks! @jammylammy UX Australia 26th August 2011- Questions?